A Simple Way to Sell Your Football Skills to Clubs Around the World – Make the Move Now!

How much longer are you going to wait before you get an offer from a club; at least go for trials? So long, a lot of footballers have wasted many years still waiting and hoping that someday a scout will come and fish them out from that remote playground far way in Africa.

Help Discover the Next Football Super Star From Your Neighborhood – BECOME SOMEONE'S HERO!

Be Someone's Hero is a newly launched project to search out that kid in your neighborhood, local schools who has displayed some awesome football skills and you want to help him or her become the next super star.

A FOOTBALLER WITHOUT EQUAL: Rogerio Ceni Set Unbreakable Football Records

 Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi may be household names when it comes to breaking football records previously set by other footballers, but these two super stars are lagging behind the 41 years old Brazilian goalkeeper – Rogerio Ceni.

How Social Media Plays a Big Part in the Sponsorship of Football Today: Interview with Shea Warnes

Inspire Football: Social media plays a big part in people’s lives, but how big is the opportunity in sports sponsorship?

10 Football Rules We Knew as Neighborhood Kids - Do you Remember Any of them?

 It may be different today, kids now join football academies and during holiday, they can go for football camps. The rich kids don’t get down to the raw deal of growing up in the hood – I mean the streets.

Well, I grew up in AJ city, as it is called, a ghetto suburb in Lagos Nigeria. You better get hard and skillful quickly or you can’t come out to play football on the street.

A Football Stadium As Smart As A SmartPhone: THE NEW LEVI STADIUM

 Well, it isn't a soccer stadium as American would call it, but a football Stadium. I was so thrilled of what the stadium can do and I thought you should know too. I know the next new soccer stadium would adopt this architectural wonder.

5 FAQ ABOUT FOOTBALL TRIAL CAMP: How to Find the Best Opportunity for You

The first step that you need to take when you want to start a professional football career is to attend a trial camp. This is when probably you have graduated from a football academy or already playing in amateur football league and have attained at least the age of 16 – 18 years, when you may be permitted by law to work.

EBOLA GOES OFFSIDE!: A More Sure Way to Prevent and Cure the Ravaging Virus

This post about the prevention and cure of Ebola virus may seem out of place here, since we do not cover medical science or spiritual matters so to say. But I realized that we reach so many people across the world through this medium and to withhold such important information that could save one more life isn’t right.