Football Craze In Nigeria! - A Business Opportunity
I saw a TV advert were a man excuse himself not to go to bed with his beautiful wife, who was looking so sexy in her nightgown. The man did not pay attention to her, because he was watching a football match on TV.

On set, the stadium was filled to capacity. Over a hundred and twenty fans were sitting in the stadium to see the match. Another ten million fans were at home watching the same match on their TV set. Wao!
Such is the passion with which Nigerians watch their National team play a major game or watch the UEFA champions league and English premiership games.

On the streets of Nigeria are fans of different English premiership clubs, many putting on the club’s jersey as they watch matches, argue and fight one another. Their houses, their offices, their cars are all decorated with the club’s merchandise (Souvenirs). The emotion and the passion for football are so consuming.

The fever is on!  It has caught up with the women folks and children too. Wives are joining their husbands; girl friends are joining their lovers to support a club.  It has become a family thing. Though in Some families, members support different clubs, but the demand for football is ever increasing.

Anything football! Fans buy football books, Magazines and newspapers. They browse the Internet, Listen to radio, watch TV for football games or for information to update themselves.

They buy all sort of Club merchandise: Jersey, wristwatch, towels, bedspread, caps, banners or mufflers, plague etc.

Media houses and broadcasters are taking advantage of the fan base in Nigeria to telecast Matches and charge premium rates for advertising during the games.

The average Nigerian player or coach seeks to ply his trade in Europe where they pay millions of Euro to football players. The offers there are so fantastic!  It could change the fortune of a whole family lineage.   Players also get a lot of endorsements from blue-chip organizations. They always need an experience football marketing professionals or agents to broker these deals. The business opportunities are so much!

Judging from our fan base and the exploits of our National team, the Football world is looking at us to make huge business success from the football Industry. Many foreign organizations are already seeking partnership and collaboration with their Nigeria Counter parts.

It is gradually dawning on us that football business is no longer child’s play. Changes are inevitable!

Ex- football players and coaches are already positioning themselves for the eminent take over of football management in Nigeria. It is a matter of time. Very soon the industry will open up from every side just as the movie and music industry in Nigeria.