Football for Life Concept

Football is like religion in Nigeria. It has the largest number of devotees and followers than any other religious group or sports. I guess it is so all over the world. The attention it gets is enamours. Other organizations such as companies and advertisers have been taking advantage of its’ large audience to reach their own target market.

A popular Coca-Cola slogan says ‘ Eat Football! Drink Football!’ but, we say, ‘Dream Football! Football for life!’ The benefit of the sport could be harness in various ways.

Football today has the greatest potential for fostering world peace and equality of the human race. It is the most reachable vehicle to drive the message of world peace to the people of the earth.

Football has turn out to be a very important vehicle for promoting human virtues. It extols honesty, dedication, and uprightness. It clamp against racial discrimination and any form of inequality of the human race. It could be taken to the next level as a vehicle of life.

Football for life concept evolved from the African phenomenon. Football has become a tool for poverty alleviation. It has taken many Africans out of the dung john and made them prince and kings in the land. It has taken players from the dusty potholes to the Greenfield for pasture. It has brought tremendous fame and attention to some rather obscure families in African.

Football for life is determine to give life to more less privileged youth in Africa. Those ravaged by war, economic deserter and poverty. It will take these youth out of the ghetto, destitute homes; it will take them out of the streets, out of the jungles and out of crime. It will give them the right purpose for living through football opportunities.

Football for life goes beyond just Football. It is aimed at transforming men and teaching them the essence of life. Football for life explores the spiritual side of the game to give spiritual balance and eternal life to the people in the football world. The ultimate vision is to bring them into God’s purpose for their life.

My Vision is to give life and improve the self worth of the human race through football opportunities. To deliver the best of the sport to fans, and to take it to the next level of entertainment for human well being.

My Mission is to leverage the large follower-ship and the wealth creation opportunities of the sport, to improve the human self worth and society. I call it football for life.