The Questions of Re-Branding Nigeria

NFF denies paying N1.2bn for village
“Corruption is a dangerous weapon that can destroy whosoever or whatsoever. The corruption in the glasshouse is gradually killing the game of football in Nigeria. What we require is to sweep off the bad eggs and start a massive re-orientation of the body. The house must learn to be accountable of its’ resources” Benson Chukwueke

The best way to kill a bad product is to give it media hype. The product will destroy itself in the hands of the media. No experience organization will brand or hype a sub-standard product. It is a big risk. It’s better to remain underground.

The re-branding of Nigeria as Good people, Great Nation sounds to me like the Toyota Ad that says Good thinking, Good product. My question is, could we really say Nigerian people are good people as we can say for Toyota products?

Branding is not much of what you call yourself. It is how people perceive you and what they call you out there.

Corruption is the most unique feature that differentiates us from other people of the world. Sorry to say, It has become a cultural brand here in Nigeria. Right from the airport, you can smell corruption in the air. From the Migration to Bureau the exchange and taxi drivers will start exploiting you first.

Perhaps, the more appropriate brand slogan would have been: Nigeria, Most corrupt people, Most corrupt Nation. We should be proud of what we have become as a people over the years. But, If we are not so proud of this phenomenon, then we have to start off massive re-orientation for change.

• What we need as a people is re-orientation, not re-branding!

It starts from the way we think as a people. The way an average Nigeria will think of achieving success. Like Toyota Ad: Good Thinking, Good Product. If our People start thinking right, They will definitely become good people and a great nation.

Prof. Dora, What we need is an Obama! My question is, Is Acting President Goodluck Jonathan the messiah or do we look for another?