Nwankwo Kanu: The Hero of our time

We have read about many super heroes and some of them have been made into films. Heroes are people that challenge natural forces or situations and defeat them. Heroes are those who do not allow prevailing situations or contrary wind to stop them from achieving their set goals.

The story of Nwankwo Kanu is like a typical fairy tale. A story of grass to grace. Everything about Kanu does not suggest that he could become a football superstar. His physical looks is so feeble for a football player and he is from a humble background that does not have the necessary connections to push their boy up the football ladder. Kanu defiled all these barriers to become one of the finest football player that has ever existed in Africa.

Kanu may look so feeble but he has a lion heart. He is so resolute in his quest to be a football star. Even a heart defect could not hold him down. Kanu has energy and football skills that are way out of this world. The coach of Real Mallorca said that Kanu came from “a planet called football”

Kanu’s football is a gift from God. He is a provision designed to bring glory to His name. This is why his game looks somehow mythical.

The Value of Kanu to the world.
Kanu is a symbol of hope to the world. To the poor, he is a living testimony that they could get out of their poverty and become so rich. To the sick, he is a point of reference that they could overcome the disease or defect they have and still achieve all that they desire to achieve.

The poor in the slum, the sick in the hospital should be told the story of Kanu to inspire them. Perhaps this is why Kanu was born; to give hope to the hopeless. Faith is stirred up in the heart of anyone that reads the story of Kanu.

Kanu has taken it a step further; he is bringing laughter back to families. He is bringing life back to children with heart defects. He is a pacesetter. He is showing an example of what some privileged people should doing with their money.

Kanu is in every way making the world a better place.

The Value of Kanu to Nigerians
Kanu was born in Nigeria when the economic crunch were affecting the people so bad. The common man on the street could hardly eat two meals a day. Most Nigerians usually wear long faces. There is nothing that brings any joy to them.

The economy has been brought down by massive corrupt practices in government as well as other public sectors. Few are stealing the money to the detriment of the social well-being of the people.

People of the world do say, can anything good come out of Nigeria? Kanu is that good that came out of Nigeria. He is like a light out of darkness.

Hungry youths will forget about food and stay glued to a nearby television set to watch their Kanu win another match in Europe. The next day the story of Kanu’s performance will be the talk of the town. You could see people happy in the offices, market places, schools, churches, mosques etc. Nothing brings more smile and laughter to the peoples faces like Kanu.
While our leaders in government are stealing from the treasury and leaving it dry and empty.Kanu decided to bring his wealth in hard currency to help better our society. Perhaps, he is a lesson for our leaders. They need to read about the life of Kanu.

Lessons to learn from the football life of Nwankwo Kanu
This is the reason for writing this book, so that we could learn one or two lessons from the football life of Kanu.

Every professional football player need to read this book. They need to carefully observe every step Kanu took at different situations of his life; that made him so successfully.

One thing that cut-short the career of most players in Nigeria is pride. Some of them run into sudden wealth and begin to live an extravagant life. They womanise, they become drunkards and their focus were usually drawn away from their career.

Youth should learn how to live a fruitful life. A life with the fear of God in their heart and the compassion to help others live a better life. They should learn to take their future in their hands. They should not waste their time or look up to their parents to carry them through life all the way.

Immortalize Kanu
We should put a sculpture of Kanu in our best stadiums in Nigeria. We should inscribe on it, “Behold the god of soccer” or “Behold, the champion of life”. Let our children go for an excursion to the stadium to see it. Let them be told the story.

Make a film of Kanu
Although, “The Lion Heart” the documentary film about the biography of Kanu is in the making, more films need to be produced that sell his exemplary lifestyle from different aspects.
We need such film to give hope to the people and to inspire the upcoming generation.

Cartoon Animation of Kanu for our children
The story of Kanu is good for our children. He is our own super hero, just like many of those super heroes our children see on television, they should also watch Kanu.
Let the producer give him a creative status of a super hero so our children could relate with it. Let us also animate Kanu and use the image for advertisements, internet cursors etc.

Why UNICEF chose Kanu as their ambassador?
• Kanu is one of the few Nigerians whose wealth could be traceable
• Kanu is the most recognised face in Africa. He is more famous than Nelson Mandela
• Kanu is one person that has made Africans so proud in football matters
• Kanu has brought laughter and entertainment to Nigerian football fans than anyone else
• Kanu is already involved in humanitarian works, so it was so easy for UNICEF to start work with him