The Prophecy of The Golden Boy is Fulfilling in Our Day

His name is David Chigoziri Chukwueke

At exactly 2.25am GMT, 7th October 2010, the baby arrived on this earth at the military hospital Yaba Lagos Nigeria. The cry of the new born filled the air at that holy hour of the morning when men were still asleep.

Before then, I and my Pastor as well as some brethren were keeping vigil all-night. Though, as the expectant husband, I was the only one that accompanied my wife to the hospital, but the brethren were all communicating with me through phone and we were praying together for the safe arrival of the Child.

As soon as the medical personnel were through, my wife certified well and the child unveiled to me. Wow! What a handsome, light colored boy, just like our father in Christ Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. Well, not exactly like him, the boy’s nose is like my nose, if you know what I mean. It is a family identity! The child resembles I the father and a little of the mother too. But truly, He is a Golden boy and very handsome too.

I could not hold my joy. I quickly picked up my mobile phone and dialed my mother “Mama-mama, is a boy!” “My wife has just delivered a baby boy!” I could hear her scream at the other end. The whole of Owerri in the eastern part of Nigeria were awoken to the loud shout “e-e-eh, e-e-eh, e-e-eh, ee-ee-eh!” “What gender of child did she deliver? “ “Is a boy oh!” and the dance began, as more and more women gathered; the singing became so loud that everyone was awoken to the celebration.

Here in Lagos, as the day break, many more people from far and near began to troop into the Military hospital, taking photo shots of the baby, with their digital cameras and mobile phones. Soon, the visitors became so much that the nurses had to close the door on some of them.

This is in fulfillment of the prophecy spoken to me by the Spirit of God in December 2009. “…By this you shall be celebrated. All the people around you and even afar off shall celebrate you. They shall say, indeed, the lord is with you. They shall say, He is done great things for you. They shall rejoice in your glory…It shall be a shout of joy. It shall be a shout of victory. The drumming of a new birth! The birth of a new child… and the shout shall be loud in the early hours of the morning…”

Some more prophetic words have been spoken about this child. “…He shall be a golden child, full of God's glory... So blessed of God, he shall be a blessing to his generation. His fame shall be seen and heard all over the earth. He is a champion of life. He is a winner! He shall be preferred than kings and presidents. He shall have an unusual grace that any shut door shall open before him…”

Judging by the prophecies we received about our son, my wife is thinking the boy will be a high level diplomat or a renowned preacher of the gospel, since the Spirit didn’t tell us expressly what shall be his profession.

YES, sure, he will be a minister of the gospel, but am thinking he will minister in a different platform. I am looking at my family trait. Football runs in our blood.

My father Benson Chukwueke (Senior) was a football star. He played for Marine and the Nigeria National team (Red Devil) in the 60s. In our family, everyone play football up to a certain level.

My younger brother, Chiedo Chukwueke, played for the Nigeria national team at age group level, U16, U21. He also played with top clubs in Nigeria like Eyimba of Aba, Heartland of Owerri.

So, I am thinking God has given our child the anointing to be a football superstar. The very best the earth has ever known. His style shall be a wonder to human comprehension. And football shall be for him a platform to minister the gospel to the whole earth.