The Next Thing That Will Catch the Attention of the World!

Thinking like God isn’t necessarily the same as being God. When you’re God, you don’t have any challenges. All you have to say is “let there be!” and there will be. But when you’re a man thinking like God, the challenges of achieving your goal could mount up and become as large as mount Everest; then you need to understand the extra ordinary power behind the spoken word, that make things be.

Benson Chukwueke the founder of iFootball4Life who is set out to win the world for Christ and make it a better place through football opportunities may be working with such understanding. “We’ll change the world; we’ll build the largest football network on earth that’ll join force together to push the earth to the right. We’ll do it!” He declares.
It may seems a tall order even at the rate with which iFootball4Life pages on face book are getting “Like” trickling in so slow like the last few drops of water from a dripping rooftop – an average of 2 likes per week. But Chukwueke is not perturbed at all about the slow start up which could not propel the need momentum that would accelerate growth of his fans on face book.

Of course, it does slow down the success of iFootball4life whose fundamental strategy is to use a large fans and audience to woo organizations that could sponsor its planned programs. In August for example, IPEX telecom withdrew its intentions to sponsor iFootball4life Video Tournament because the calculated audience rate may not be enough and perhaps may not be the kind of exposure they needed.

Although, Chukwueke has set for his organization a target of one million fans by the end of December 2010, but as at November, ifootball4Life has only 79 likes on face book; though, he said he has over 3000 fans and players’ offline – all that inclusive, does not amount to much that would attract any reasonable sponsor.

He had the chance few months ago, during the 2010 world cup in South Africa; when the world were so frenzied with soccer. Different applications were developed on face book which could have helped iFootball4life capture a lot of football fans around the world. Chukwueke could not take such advantage. It seems he does not have such gadget and widgets that would have captured fans listing.

Finance maybe the major factor that has slowed down the laudable vision. Although, Chukwueke is aware of the potentials of face book paid ads and its ability to deliver to iFootball4Life one million fans in few weeks Face book web cookie would serve the ads to a select target audience of it’s over 400 million active users, who are most likely to be interested in the offer.

Well, Chukwueke is serving organic ads on face book which he generated himself; such a beautiful blend of creative photos and copies. But, he needed to persuade his special fans – those who has large number of friends on face book – to comment on the ads and get those connected to them to see it too. Face book considers this ambush marketing and has limited its exposures.

One thing going for iFootball4Life is its conversion rate. Chukwueke has exhibited unusual skills that have been able to convert 89% of iFootball4Life traffic and likes into trusted fans that are ready to partner with the movement. He is gradually building a quality resource base. He is presently attracting football journalists, Managers, Agents, FIFA officials as well as preachers and inspirational speakers.

He is using tweets to attract some sports superstar such as London Donovan, the USA soccer player who has over 1.9 million followers; Serena Williams, the USA tennis superstar, who has over 1.8 million followers… What Chukwueke needs is just to press one right button and he’ll get the attention of the whole world. And he has such a daring confidence as he keep declaring that the future is bright for iFootball4Life. He said, “When the cloud is full of rain, it’ll empty itself.” When someone like Chukwueke is saying something, you better listen. He said “The Holy Spirit is my advantage and he has filled me with the anointing ‘Mimshack’ to spread and expand.” I’ll not be surprise if iFootball4Life will become the next thing that’ll catch the world attention.