"Happy Good Day!" What's so Special About 4th December!?

Unless you’re in the know, you'd probably assume – like most people – that 4th December is just another day, and there’s nothing so special about it. But when i-football4life fans all over the world click through their face book pages this week, they’d probably see Benson Chukwueke’s birthday alert.

I don’t know if that makes 4th December special to you. If for any reason the birthday alert did get your attention, then it means you recognize your relationship with Chukwueke and you may want to know what’s his birthday wishes for this coming year.

There’s something more about 4th December and I think this may most likely get your attention. Just as St Valentine was able to brand 14th February “Lovers Day”, Benson Chukwueke is making every effort to brand 4th December “Good Day.”

It Sounds more like the usual everyday greeting –Good day sir or Good day madam – but its quite different; a day set aside to do good. It’s a day that would bring to the consciousness of every human person to do something positive to better the earth. Perhaps, he is trying to make his birth date symbolic or he’s trying to get the attention of the world and drive us all towards his vision to “push the earth to the right.”

“Good Day” is  part of the i-football4life vision and Benson Chukwueke plans to use this platform to establish 4th December in world calendar as GOOD DAY.

While you may think that Benson chukwueke is in trivial pursuit and may not last long with his movement, the vision is still alive everyday and well on with more ideas to better the earth. Let us hear his birthday wishes and you will understand what I am saying.

My wish is that 4th December be established as GOOD DAY! I didn’t cook GoodDay , its part of my vision. You can’t make up stuffs like this; it can only be handed down to you by the spirit of God. You may think we’re in pursuit of trivials, but i-football4life vision is real! We’re not just playing games, we’re changing lives, we’re making the earth a better place.

When you read stuff like how WWF started, how the vision in the heart of a third generation wrestling promoter Vince Mcmahon transformed the westling entertainment industry and made Mcmahon a multi-millionnaire, you’ll be encouraged to start up the vision God had laid in your heart.
I am particularly inspired by Jo Rowling who at one time, everything were going bad for her. She was divorced and nearly a destitute Mom with a young son to feed. But she also had one thing, a story to tell of an imaginary world locked up inside her heart for so many years. So she took a chance and wrote the story down. Today, Jo Rowling is a millionnaire and her character Harry Potter is so popular with Children and parents all over the earth.

Before Jo Rowling published her first book , Harry Potter and the scorcerer’s stone, she was turned down by many publishers, as she recalled that one of them said that her story was a trivial pursuit and wouldn’t sell. How wrong they were. Today, many marketers are scrambling for the the Harry potter story.

Vision does not die easily. It remains in your heart for so long until you begin to let it out.

Pretty early, when I was probably eight or nine ther about, I began to design jerseys with papers, after which, I get match sticks to put them  on and act as players, Then, I crawled on the ground and created my own football games as well as stories behind the games. I would show case teams and football stars preparation before a major game. My football stars would pray before a game, undertake charity works as well as speak against the ills of society. Those were the thoughts going on in my heart as a young lad.

Thirty years after, the thought has become bigger and much more stronger in my heart. You see, I am not creatoing a new planet, am just trying to make the earth you already know a better place.

We’re not the first to think out something like this, there’s BamaFootball4life, DooGoodFootball4Life, Alpa FC and much more with similar vision. We thought it was time to establish something much more significant; something we can all idenify with as a platform to better the earth.

Well. For the fact that 80 people on  facebook liked the idea and over 300 players has signed up through our blog, is an indication that there could even be another 100 million people out there that might also be interested to join the movement if properly reached.

This is my birthday wish – that we get one million people to sign up with i-football4life before the end of 2010. I desire only one birthday gift from my fans; that you get involved in reaching more people to join this cause.