What a Wonder! Its the Lord's Doing and We Say thank you to you Our Fans

First things first, I’d like to begin by thanking the almighty God who put football4life idea in my heart and let it grow over the years. Everyday, the vision is becoming clearer and clearer – I’m beginning to see the detailed road map to the turns, hills and valleys I may have to go through to fulfill this assignment – the beautiful thing about it all is am flying on the wing of the Holy Spirit and I cannot fail. My success is assured.

I so much appreciate the Holy Spirit of God; He is my excellent instructor and my extra-ordinary strategist. Just like a child’s play, something more like a hobby, He led me to start blogging in March 2010 and sign on to some of the social media on the Internet such as face book, Twitter, Linkin etc. Today, it’s become something else. It’s like lighting up a candle stick. I could now see the flicker of light burning so fast in the dark tunnel and gaining so much ground.

The light has opened my eyes to see clearer. I can see other persons and organizations pursuing similar cause: Bama-football4Life, DooGood-football4life, Alpha FC, World Changers etc. The new awareness has given me a whole new mind set that my assignment is not just a trivial pursuit but a serious business that is so important in God’s calendar.

It dawn on me that I’m sent to reach the football world for Christ; to be a solution to those oppressed by poverty, diseases, addictions, crimes, social abuses etc. I’m to help heal the world and make it a better place for you and me. I’m to provide inspiring football services that will help save lives from eminent destruction. It’s about reaching one person at a time and soon, the fire will spread all over the earth.

We’re already getting Attention
Our blog and participation in some of the social media on the internet has been a tremendous means of expression for us. Our revelation of the Golden boot in Ajegunle Lagos Nigeria, got the attention of BBC, Sports Business, Sports People Magazine as well as some individuals.

I specially thank Ojiekere the Administrator of www.naijapremierleague.com- he’s a great inspiration to me. I still believe we could do a lot of things together in the near future.

I thank Ellis www.sportsbiz.com for his interest and for helping to spread the news of ifootball4life around. You’re so wonderful and I appreciate you so much.

I express my sincere appreciation to www.salespractise.com and www.marketingprof.com for always upgrading my knowledge with some of the newest paradigms to succeed in the modern marketplace. I learnt so much from you guys this year. Thank you for your newsletters and e-books. They were so profiting to me.

Special Thank you to All Our Fans

Within the time frame of a few months, you’ve done so well. I’ve come to know some of you through online chats and exchange of mails. Thank you for all your contributions. You made me so proud with all your wishes on my birthday.

Special thanks to you Justin Oprah; our number one fan for this year 2010. You’ve always been on our blog and face book pages as well as you gave us permission to model your photo on our blog fans link.

You’re not the only one that gave us such permissions. We specially thank you also Pecky Ugo, Sandra Akpabio, Snyper Philipina Lutterodt, Emmanuel Okpara, Memz love for allowing us model your photos on our fans and players links.

Gloria Adei Kotei, I call you my Ghana connection. Through you, we’ve over 11% of our fans sign up from Ghana. I wonder why you did not accept the offer to be our Ambassador in Ghana. You’ve done so well, and you deserve to be our Ambassador. Thank you so much.

Francis Unigwe, my close friend and number two fan this year 2010, you’ve supported us both financially and your personal encouragement. You also accepted to be our Ambassador in Italy. Thank you so much.

I’ll never forget to appreciate you Emeruwa Iheanyi. You’re such a great fan. Thank you for showing to us an application we can use online. You also gave us permission to model your photo on our fan link. Thank you so much.

To my dearly beloved wife: Helen Chukwueke. You’re not just a supporter, we’re in it together. We plan and strategize together and many of your friends and colleagues have joined the movement because of you. Thank you so much for believing in the vision. I love you!

We may not be able to exhaust the list of our fans that has done so well this year such as Alex Curran, Danielle Devin, Dorcas Brown, Priscilla, Kelechi Gabriel etc. And to so many of you, for the fact that you like the ifootball4life cause is enough encouragement for us to carry on. Thank you so much.

The year 2011 is our year! We’re going to get the world attention in a big way and you’re going to be part of it. You’ll be proud to be associated with us. Your participation next year will bring so much profit to you. Thank you once again for believing. God bless you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you.

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