A Very Important letter to all Sons and Daughters of South – East Nigeria

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Do you believe in the adage “Penny wise pounds foolish”?
So what if you receive a phone call now that your beloved mother has just been kidnapped in South-East Nigeria. What’ll you do?

I guess you’ll take a quick action. Will you call the Police or will you call the various connections you have or will you quickly dash down to East to try and save your mother’s life?  What’ll you do?
Perhaps, for the first time, you’ll feel the real impact of kidnapping menace in South –East Nigeria. When you read on the pages of the newspapers that someone you don’t know has been kidnapped, it doesn’t bother you at all. It may just be another social issue that you may discuss with your friends over a bottle of wine. But, if they abduct your own, you‘ll suddenly realize that you would have done something more drastic  before now, to help stamp out the crime in Nigeria.
Imagine what it’ll cost you, time money and emotional trauma.
Supposing, the kidnappers ask for a N40 million Naira ransom, where on earth would you raise that kind of money?  Wouldn’t you rather prefer if we all pool together $1 each today to create a more structured programs that’ll help kick out the crime. Its our social responsibility to do so today!
Ifootball4life has created such platform for us all to come together, with our knowledge, skills and resources to help eradicate kidnapping menace in the southern part of Nigeria.
We could exchange football opportunities for kidnapping by giving talented youth opportunity to jump start a football playing career as part of our own effort to get them out of crime.
We could sponsor public enlightenment programs through football forums such as tournament, academies, stadium and viewing centers etc, to discourage our youth from participating in this crime against humanity.
We could share free ifootball4life promotional T-Shirts, Polo’s, Caps, with some positive and persuasive inscriptions. We can do it!!!
Best Regards.

Benson Chukwueke
Manager ifootball4Life

P.S. Let me inform you a little. Crime investigation analyst Abdul Yusuf has said if kidnapping menace is not tackled headlong, by 2015, one of every ten youth in the eastern part of Nigeria are likely to become a kidnapper.
You may not understand what that means. It means, your close friends and brothers are likely to become the next kidnappers that could abduct your own sons and daughters the next time you visit the East.
I mean, such statement is alarming and should be taken serious. We cannot afford to fold our hands and do nothing. The Old adage says “Evil prevails when  good people keep quite and do nothing” So what will you do now?
·         Send this letter to any son or daughter of south-East Nigeria you know.
·         Make your own suggestions or comments below this article.
·         Contribute $1 to this course and get other 10 persons to contribute too.
·         Speak against Kidnapping openly and through any medium.