The "Red Devils" Strike...Two Hundred lost their Lives in Fans Brawl at St. Patrick’s Soccer Stadium

Whose team do you really support? If you still believe you’re a fan of the “Red Devils”…that means you’d recognize Lucifer on sight when he sit next to you at the stadium… I can imagine that.

Do you still get so worked up when the referee blows the whistle against your favorite club… and you begin to throw tantrums on the opposing fan sitting close to you…? Sometimes, you get to throw punches too. You see we tend to loose guard during football games and allow the Devil to lead us on.

And that’s just the beginning of such news headline as “The ‘Red Devils’ strikes, Two hundred lost their lives in fans brawl at St. Patrick’s soccer stadium.”

 Football is a passionate sport you say… So passionate some ladies yank of their clothes and run naked before such a mammoth crowd.  Many others show off symbols and inscriptions of profanity, so we all go out to celebrate our passion for the Devil, eh?

Then is it right to say, Football is the Devil’s game? Yes it is! We name our clubs after the Devil, we promote immorality and profanity during football games, and people are maimed, many loose their lives at stadium or at home while watching football games... Something goes wrong with football!

I was thinking about it seriously last Wednesday during our mid-week service, the Church was so empty. Brethren had gone to watch the UEFA champions’ league…Even brethren preferred to see the Champions league than to come to Church…that’s not honorable to God.

There’s no denying the fact, football sport in perhaps the only platform that get so much attention on earth. Over 50 billion people watched the world cup in South Africa and more than half that population watch UEFA Champions’ league every fortnight.  There is no religion on earth that has such committed follower-ship like football.

People get so passionate about the game; the Devil knows and keeps leading them on... He is gradually taking over the sport as a platform to sway man away from God.

Come to think of it, football is not the Devil’s creation, neither is it the Devil’s platform. It is a sporting activity created by man for exercise and entertainment. Devil is just trying to take advantage of its popularity. AND WE MUST STOP HIM!

Football is a great platform we cannot afford to wish away to the Devil, more so, because of the kind of attention it gets.

As a child of God, you must promote Christ and the virtues of our faith during football games. Before now, players like the Brazilian international Kaka inscribe on his inner vest I BELONG TO JESUS… So whenever he scores, he raises up his outer jersey to display the inscriptions on the inner vest – that’s great display of conviction. So what do you display when you go to watch football games? Do you display your convictions and symbols of our faith? 

We got to do more! We should strategically win the football game for Christ. We’ve the advantage. The Holy Spirit is our ADVANTAGE. He’s the extra-ordinary strategist and He has the master plan. Let’s join the “Christ Football team.”

See we can creatively print football gospel tracks that can get the attention of fans and share them in the stadium during football games. Football gospel is the good news of Jesus as it affects the football world.
During the 2010 world cup, Believers’ love world (BLW) shared over five hundred thousand copies of the daily devotional “Rhapsody of Realities” in every hotel rooms that accommodated world cup guests. Over one million Gideon New Testament Bible where shared also in South Africa during the period.

Some of us are already taking the Vision of God to the football world. Alpha football Club recruit young football players and while training them to start a professional football career, they lead the players to Christ and also equip them to become the future ambassadors of Christ to the football world… More so, Doogood’s Football4Life are handing over Bibles to young football players in Cameroon and Gambia. WE CAN DO MORE!

GreenHunters’ Inspirational Football4Life (ifootball4Life) is driving the gospel through football vehicles to reach the people of the world and improving their self worth. They help young West African players Jump-start a professional football career, they’re involved in charity works for the less privileges and deserter victims all over the earth. They’re building character in football fans through their different forums – Seminars and conventions, Reality TV shows, Short football academy programs and fun fares. WE CAN DO MORE!

Be part of God’s vision for the football world. Be part of Christ winning team. You can join force with GreenHunters’ ifootball4life… and when next you’re going to watch a football game remember its another great opportunity to reach the Football world for Christ. YOU CAN DO MORE!

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