What Football players Fear the most is a Deadly Phobia

Demystifying Football Players Phobia !!!

 Do you know one thing professional football players fear the most? Some say its injury - that could cut short their career. They are not far from the truth.  Some say its Age - they want to be seen as young, so they keep cutting down their age. They are not far from the truth either.

The one thing most football players dread the most is RETIREMENT! Most players do not want to retire when the ovation is loudest. They usually wonder What Next to do after their football career as a player.

Well, whether you like it or not you will still retire. If you fail to retire at the right time, the game will force you to retire.

The good news is football career does not end as a player only. You’ve to decide before time which other area of the industry you could continue your career after your playing days.

It’s absurd to find ex-football players wondering what else to do after their playing career. Ex-players such as Nigeria ex-international Rashidi Yekini should not stay out, there is a lot he can still contribute to the growth of the game.

Become a Coach


You may choose ahead of time to become a coach. As soon as your playing career is over, you could quickly take up a coaching course. You could even become a coach while still playing. There are many online coaching courses now. Check www.smww.com . You can study at your own timing.

You may never know if you could be more successful as a coach. The present Nigeria national team Coach Samson Siasia didn’t up to US$5 million while playing for Nice in France. But today, he is earning such remuneration as a coach. Josep Gladiola is a more success coach than when he was the captain of Barcelona.  You too could make a difference.

Become a Football Administrator

Ex-football players should take over the administration of Football Association (FA) as well as football clubs (FC), especially ex-internationals with lots of experience from top leagues such as English Premiership League (EPL), La liga, Serial’A etc. They could bring their wealth of experience to bear.

Ex-international like Frank Berkinbuar of Germany and Mitchell Patini of France has turned out to be great football administrators. You could enroll for FA or FC courses online. Still check www.smww.com . We need more ex-players like Patrick Ekeji to take over the running of NFF as well as clubs.

Become a Scout or Player Agent or Player Manager


Professional clubs do employ ex-players with vast experience to scout  for new players that will help strengthen their team. Ex-players with good relationship with their former club could enter contract with club to help them scout for new players.

Alternatively, you could register with your football Association as a licensed Agent that could help players find clubs and help them negotiate contractual agreements with the club.

You could as well be a player manager that helps players mange their career. You will be involved in anything concerning the player – from contract negotiation to Media promotion/ endorsements to financial investments etc. Ex- internationals are in a better position to advise younger players with their experiences.

Become a Football Analyst or Commentator



You could continue your career as a football analyst or commentator. Ex-players like Segun Odegbemi writes commentaries for Complete Sports as well as participate as analyst in major issues concerning football administrations, programs and tournaments.

Ex-players like Abedi Pele, Peterside Idah, Daniel Omokachie, Kalusha Buwayla run commentaries for SuperSports.

Become a Football Merchant

If you’re interested in trading, you can go into football product merchandizing. Selling football equipment, Jersey, boots, trophies, football first aid drugs, training equipment such as cones, balls, whistles, Stop watches etc You could also sell football educational materials such as books, CD, Software etc.

Most young people in Nigeria do not easily find football hot shops where they could gain knowledge for football career or research. Are you thinking now?

Run a Football Consultancy or Education



You could become a football consultant facilitating short courses, seminars and research works etc. You could also become a football lecturer running football academies and schools. Organizing development camps etc.. it all depend on where your interest lies and the vision in your heart.

Run a Football Marketing Company

You could get involved in marketing tournaments, clubs, players, football telecast right etc. You help them get sponsorship and endorsement. Help hype them in the media and mobilize fan patronage.

This is an area we do not have any established organization setting the pace. You could just be the one that will make the difference.

Finally, my advice to football players is to open their heart to knowledge. Always strive tp upgrade your knowledge on trend and new discoveries in the industry. There is much that you can do.