POWER THE EXTRA-ORDINARY: With the Holy Spirit You Can Become an Incredible Football Player

Have you ever imagined that you’re a superstar player like Lionel Messi? You’ve such incredible skills and you’re mesmerizing defenders, scoring goals, winning laurels for yourself and for your club – have you? I suppose you have. Every football player has at one time imagined so, until it donned on them that their skills couldn’t just produce such extra-ordinary performance.

At the top level of football sport, it takes more than just your skills to produce extra-ordinary performance. You may work so hard to attain a high level performance, because sports instructors and medical personnel may recommend some scientifically proven advance formula that could help improve your game. It’ll sure help, but not many can tell you about the secrets behind extra-ordinary performances – the Spiritual Power!

Perhaps, it’s hard to explain, because it doesn’t make sense at all. It cannot be proven scientifically or logically, but it comes to play after all. It takes only revelation to understand how the Spirit realm governs the physical, but it sure does!

I may not be able to tell what Spirits power the skills of such great players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo de Lima, Diego Maradona, Pele…, but I can tell you about the Spirit that powers a Christian football player like Kaka. I can tell you because Kaka himself has severally testified of it.

You may not know, but the Christian football player has an advantage over the natural player. But he must understand what the advantage is in other to use it. The Holy Spirit is the advantage! He’s the most powerful Spirit, greater than any other spirit on earth. As a Christian football player you should understand how to activate the supernatural that would enable you perform and produce extra-ordinary results. You should be filled with the Holy Spirit continually, especially when you’re going out to play. Always be conscious of the Holy Spirit that dwells in you and the potency of his power. He’ll make you become a superstar; he’ll make you the best football player the world has ever known.

Understand, when a man who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ want to do something big, he employ evil spirits or take some substance such as Cocaine, Marijuana, Alcoholic or other anabolic – players such as Roberto Baggio had once testified that he used Voodoo to Play football. But I can tell you, these are lesser Spirits. The Christian has something much better and greater – the Holy Spirit power!
When the Holy Spirit takes over, you’ll become more than a man. Then, you’ll begin to make some incredible moves and display extra-ordinary skills while playing. And you know what; no opponent would be able to stop you. 

Take the case of Samson in the Bible (Judges 16:1-3). While the enemies laid ambush in wait for him and shut the gate of Gaza; Samson arose by midnight and by the power of the Holy Spirit, lifted the gate together with the post and placed it on his shoulder and carried it up on the hills of Hebron. If Samson was a weightlifter, he would have been the greatest, with an Olympic record no one would have been able to equal.

Think about Elijah, when the hand of God came upon him and he ran after the Horse of King Ahab and over took it (1 Kings 18: 46). If Elijah was an athlete, Usen Bolt’s record would have been a child’s play – think about it. You too can be filled with the Holy Spirit today.

Four Steps on how you can Get Filled With the Holy Spirit

1 Get Born Again: Make Jesus Christ the lord of your life (Romans 10: 9-10)

2 Desire the Holy Spirit: Ask the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in you and take charge of your life (Act 1: 8)

3 Get filled with the Holy Spirit: Let a Christian that is already filled with the Holy Spirit lay hands upon you to transfer the power (Acts 19: 1-6).

4 Speak in other tongues: When you need to activate the power, speak in other tongues. Remember every time you want to go into the field to play.