ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP: Your Football Talent Offers You Free Study in U.S. College / University

 I don’t know if you’re aware of this incredible opportunity. Well, it’s not new, it’s been available all the while, but not many know that U.S. and Canada colleges/ Universities offer Athletic Scholarship to talented and skilled football players. I mean, all expenses paid! It covers your flight ticket, tuition fees, feeding, accommodation and books for 2years. And it could be extended, if you turn out to be a star player or a high performer in the school team.

I knew this few years ago when I got in contact with Roger Bongaerts, the former head coach, Men soccer at Park University, Kansas and he broke a scholarship admissions for the two Nigerian football players I recommended – Victor Addi and Casmir Oparaocha. In this instance, I realized that most U.S. / Canada colleges and Universities are so eager to boost their soccer teams with imported players from South America, Europe and Africa. I realized that it’s much morer easier to travel to U.S. through this means and some Nigerian ex-international players like late Uche Okafor, Mike Emenalu, Chidi Nwanu, Adeolu Adekola, and Peter Rufai had taken advantage of this free opportunity to study abroad. Today, they’re graduates and are more positioned to take up higher offices in sports or other business of their interest.

I understand that the dream of most football players is to play for the top clubs in Europe. It’s a laudable dream, but not many could actually break into clubs like Real Madrid or Chelsea, where the big bucks will start rolling in and you get all the media spotlights. The U.S. collegiate sports provide a good alternative to play football while you study. Come to think of it, it’s even easier for you to break into Major League Soccer (MLS) teams, if you’re good.  

Truly, if you you’re an average player in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal or Cote d’ voire, you can survive very well in the U.S. intercollegiate soccer competitions – the standard isn’t that high. I see a lot of talented and skilled football players in Nigeria, where I live, who would have become an instant star in U.S. intercollegiate or even MLS. And I feel it’s sheer waste of time waiting for the big break in Europe or perhaps, is it they’re in the dark as concerning this awesome sport opportunities in U.S. and Canada.

Five Things You Can Quickly Do To Gain Athletic Scholarship Admission In U.S. Or Canada

1.      Research on U.S And Canada Institutions:
All you need to do as a talented football player, is to research on U.S. / Canada institutions that offer Athletic scholarships, then you can apply to a few of them.

You may find quite a lot by using the google search engine online, or you can as well apply at, an agency that help some U.S. institutions to conduct trials and selection exercise.

2.      Pass Minimal Educational Test:
It’s so simple, whether you already have a secondary school or even primary school education, you maybe required to take TOFEL test for college entry or SAT for those that want to get into the University.

It’s a simple test that you can easily score the average pass mark. Then, send your credentials to the institutions you are applying to.

3.      Provide Your Performance Video Clips:
In some cases, you may be required to send you’re playing performance video clips or recommendation from top coaches or known players in your country.

It’s easy to organize a 15minutes Video clip. They may not be as critical as those required by professional clubs. You can as well get recommendations from well known Coaches in your country.

However, performance video clips are rarely required, perhaps recommendation from a trusted source will do.

4.      Join Rovest Network:
Frank A. Urefe can recommend you, and if you join the Rovest Network, they can help you do all the ground work. Rovest and The Sports Dream Network (TSDN) are presently running a sports scholarship scheme for Athletes willing to study in U.S. or Canada.

I spoke with Frank A. Urefe, who is presently marketing the scheme in West African sub-region, and he told me that for an Athlete to be eligible for selection, he or she can simply register to buy a copy of the scholarship guide titled: “The Power to Succeed in Sports, Fitness, and Life.” The Price is NGN8, 500. 00, that is, if you live in Nigeria.

               Contact Us:
Well, if you’re a football player or an Athlete and you’re interested in studying in U.S. and Canada, you may contact us – Mobile Phone: +234 806 287 1873 or Email:


glory ibeawuchi said…
my name is glory E. ibeawuchi,i am nigerian. I am a male football athlete.i started playing football when i was 10,i played for my secondary school.G.i.s.s Oba.junior team as a 2007,i was promoted to the senior team and converted to winger (a wing foward). Ma coach said i had fast pace and good vision.after i graduated from a secondary school.. I got a place in ma church's football team (holy trinty rangers fc).there were i play as a winger till date.i have won 3 trophies with the team til date. My teamates say i have a stunning back heel pass that disorganised the defence..i speak 3 languages,english,igbo and french (not to fluently).i have a good jump and a great heading ability.i can take shots from far range approx 15m from goal. Am a two footed player,i can use both left and right thats why i can switch wings easily during a counter tall aprox. 6foot 1in.i cant say anything about dribbling but i knw how to get past defenders with the right tatics.i have a passion for football.nothing can better than furthering my education in u.s or canada and also showcasing my talents to the world.i look foward to having a trial to prove myself.I would be very happy if you help me actualize my dreams...
Thank you.
Any info would be much appreciated..
Contact me
on twitter-@castlelinkz
on facebook- glory ronaldo ibeawuchi.
a favourable reply would be much appreciated
raisul islam said…
This post is is informative post for football.This post give more information for football.This post give entertainment for online fan's.i like this post very must.
Unknown said…
Please can I get a place in your ward sir am from Nigeria.Am a talented footballer with a lot of tricks skillsetc

Anonymous said…
I also am a good football player, with speed, agility n stamina, I'm in Cameroon.
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