THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY: Fan-Cam Captures Your Moment of Madness !

 It was a spur of the moment when Wayne Rooney of Manchester  United scored the second goal against Arsenal, Clara Zara yanked up her tops and bra for something less than a moment, but Fan-cam captured her bare boos just in time. Even those that sat around her were not aware she did that. Did she? Clara, going by her nature, wouldn’t do something like pulling off her tops. It was just a reaction so spontaneous; what you would call her “moment of madness.”

It was such a sexy beautiful piece of photograph, with a fine resolution and with her permission Madeline Sunbright of “The crazy soccer fan Album” had sold close to five million copies around the world. Everyone male football fan want the photograph of this 17years old girl. Overnight, Clara Zara has become a world super model.

Fan-cam is the newest thing on the block that is bringing lots of revenue for Sunbright, the founder of Mad fan Incorporated. And the technology is already sweeping across Europe to every sport venue around the world, already making its mark as the next revenue generator for sport venue operators.

Fan-cam is like an advanced CCTV that captures everyone person in the stadium during a game. And it captures every moment though out the game. Fan-cam was originally designed with stadium security in mind to capture fans excesses and to use the playback clips and photo shots to prosecute any offender, but Sunbright’s mad fan inc. is giving it another commercial value. With some programming the fan-cam capture some wonderful scene. In fact, everyone that attended a game can view back what he or she did at every moment of the game. All you need do is to identify where you were sited on the said game and fan-cam will zoom in and pop out some action photograph of you during the game. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE HOW IT WORKS

Well, if you’ve been at the Emirate or Old Trafford lately, I think you should visit mad fan inc. to re-live the game and see some of the finest football photograph ever taken by man. You could as well tell the staff the date and the game you attended at the Emirate or Old Trafford, and they could take you to the archives to dig out as well as playback your own video. The professional photographers will then bring out preview of your snapshot for your selection.

Mad fan inc. will soon launch a website where you could purchase these exquisite photographs online. Viewers may be allowed to use the archives to reproduce and customize their own photograph just the way they prefer it. Like the Internet, fan-cam has taken a new commercial value apart from it’s security purpose and the early birds could exploit the opportunity that this new technology brings to make quick money; before the market get saturated.