GOLDEN BOOT INVESTORS: Talented Football Players With No Money To Travel For Trials Can Now Smile

 Golden boot investors is exactly what it sound like: two guys who go from one local football tournament to another, discovering talented football players in Lagos Nigeria. And pool investment capital from another 20 something merchants in Apongbon – Idumota market to send the players on trials abroad. In just two years, they’ve sent over 50 players to places like Poland, Austria, Turkey, Moldova, Norway and even Italy.

Golden Boot investment is the idea of Mark Obe and Richard Abbey, who developed a network of player agents across the world. And these agents provide opportunities to send football players on trial abroad, provided the players can pay for their flight ticket, food and accommodation.

Well, Mr. Obe and Mr. Abbey are aware that most of the football players in Nigeria cannot afford to pay their way through, so they decided to get interested venture capitalists to invest in the players’ career. What they’re saying is that football players shouldn’t abandon their God given talent anymore. If you’re good, Golden boot can get these merchants’ fund and use it to invest in your career.

Mr. Obe tries to explain why they decided to venture into such on uncertain business. He said, it’s the dream for him and his colleagues. Many talented football players are hoping that someday an “Angel of God” will appear to them and pick them out of the slum to FC Barcelona, Manchester United or other top clubs in Europe where they can begin a fledgling professional football career. Indeed, they’ve seen it happen to some great African players like George Opoh Weah, Nwankwo Kanu, Didier Drogba… but only few players that had the chance to play in the National team or CAF tournaments can get the attention of scouts from these top clubs. And some of the players are inspired deep in their hearts that they can play better if given the opportunity.

Although, some of them had made contact with some player agents, but are asked to pay their way through to the trials. Well, Dad and Mom’s bank account is in red and they cannot afford ro sponsor the player’s trip abroad. This is where Golden Boot Investors can be helpful to move the player’s career to the next level.

However, Mr. Abbey said it’s a very high risk venture to invest on the talent of football players, because it has a high tendency to fail. But whenever any player succeeds, it usually yield lots of profits for the investors. Mr. Abbey said most of the merchants involved in the venture capitalist scheme first started out as philanthropists. They were first football fans and also have the interest to help young talented football players find a club abroad. Today, it’s turn out a profit venture after all and they’re trusting more of their capital to Golden Boot investment firm.

It’s become a great opportunity for talented football players; with the scheme, it’s more easier to push our players to top football clubs abroad. Without waiting for Golden Boot investors to find you, you can first make contact with them.

GreenHunters Sports International can help a player open talk with Golden Boot investors and they can invite you for a 5 days screening session in Lagos Nigeria. If you succeed, then you can sign a contract with them. It’s all based on what you want for your career and how you want Golden Boot people to come in. There are usually two options with varied clauses as your case may be.

1.       Loan Option: Golden Boot investors can advance loans between N1 million to N2 million Naira, which you must payback at an agreed time period;  whether you succeed or failed the trials abroad.

They usually require a collateral security like landed properties. The interest rate is usually between 75% to 100% of the amount loaned; depending on how they envisage the risk.

2.       Investment Option: Golden Boot investors pays for the players trip. Food and accommodations during the trials period. If the player succeeds, they will take an agreed percentage of the sign-on fee and monthly salaries as long as you remain in that club. Golden Boot investors will also help manage the player’s career by providing him with experience player manager and trainer.

Well, if you didn’t succeed at the trials, Golden Boot Investors will pay your flight back home and the player wouldn’t re-pay a dime.

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