LIFE LITTLE SECRET: The Profit Of Giving A Ball To Charity

Many good hearten football players may have severally thought that when they begin to earn large amount of dollars they would donate significant percentage of it to Charity. I once thought that way too. I usually get excited when I read that Bill Gate gave US$30 billion to Charity, for the cure of tuberculosis. I would say to myself that when I become as rich as Bill Gate, I would do more. And would pray to God to make me become so rich that I could accomplish my heart desires for Charity. I thought along this line not until I discovered life little secret.

I decided to reveal this secret because of my interaction with Steve Agbaje few days ago. Steve is a young football player that just signed his first professional football contract in Poland, which is worth about US$500, 000. He just came back to Nigeria for the Christmas holidays. We were riding in his new car at  a slow moving traffic in Ikeja Lagos, when a beggar approached the car window to ask for arms. I gave a few Naira notes I had in my pocket, but Steve refused to give the beggar a dime. He said “Some of these beggars are demon possessed, if you give them your money, you’ll stop making progress in your career and life; that’s why I have made up my mind not to give anyone my money this time around.” I was so shocked at his response. I could see the damage Nolly wood film makers had done to the mind of our people. They’ve created fear in the heart of viewers and they now find it hard to do good. Then, I began to teach Steve this life little secret that would make a football player so successful and influential during his time.

It’s called “The Principle Of Reciprocity.”  I first read it in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. In that book Mr. Kiyosaki wrote, “If I could leave one single idea with you, it is that idea whenever you feel ‘short’ or in ‘need’ of something, give what you want first and it’ll come back to you in buckets.” This is truth you cannot just ignore if you want to move rapidly in your football career. It’s the very principle that govern life.

I know it’s often the last thing a person may want to do, but it has always worked. I believe that the principle of reciprocity is true. GIVE WHAT YOU WANT FIRST, AND IT’LL COME BACK TO YOU IN MANY FOLDS! If you want money,so give money first and give more, and it’ll come back to you in multiples. It's like planting a money tree. If you want a good life, first help someone else live a good life by helping alleviate the sufferings or challenges. Then, you’ll never find yourself suffer in life anymore.

This is the secret! As a football player, learn to use your earnings for the good work of God and for humanity. Pay your tithe, and give for any project that concern the expansion of God’s kingdom on earth. God will for sure open the windows of heaven and pour you a blessing to succeed in your football career -even beyond human imaginations. There is a saying that “God does not need to receive from human to expand his kingdom, but human need to give to God to expand their own coast.”

Learn to give a ball to the less privileged. Those who cannot afford to buy one. Use your money to sponsor their education, health care and make a good life for them. Then watch your own life blossom more and more. This is it. If a person is rich, it means that person is providing something that other people want. You cannot be abundantly rich without giving out what you have first. Therefore, skip waiting for when you’ll become as rich as Bill Gate, rather start giving from the little you have now. For in such diligence, you’ll grow richer and richer in your football career. Bill Gate also get richer by the day by applying this principle. That's what got him where he is today.

Now Note and keep it in the forefront of your heart. There’s no demon hatched out of hell that can change the principles of the natural laws; not even the Devil himself. So stop the fear to do good! Even when your money is taken to the coven of witches and wizards, it cannot stop your prosperity; the natural law such as the principle of Reciprocity will always prevail.

I wish you the reader and all my football fans a Happy Good Day! Remember my birthday is December 4 and I have tagged it a Good day. A day I call to all to consciously do good and show someone abundant mercy to those around them.

I have a birthday request? This year 2011, I desire to visit Christabel and Mirabel at Heritage Orphanage home, Anthony Village Lagos, to share my love with them.

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