READY TO FLY IN 2012: Inspire Football Life Network Can Help You Make US$39, 050 in January

Once again you have the opportunity to make US$39, 050 in simple multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) membership drive. And if you’re thrilled and ready to go by the time you finish reading this, it’s okay. That’s what happens to almost everyone that is in the know. But you have to wait till January 1, 2012 when Greenhunters Sports International will Launch “Inspire Football Life” (IFL Network) website. And with US$100 you can register as a member first. Then, by simply getting another 5 persons to also register as members with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you’re set to receive a total US$39, 050 in five payment stages – that’s all you need to start off your 2012 in grand style.

It seems to me like a great idea to use the internet to bring together a large number of football consumers across the world. And provide for them the platform where they can be inspired as well as take advantage of their large numbers and connections to better their personal lives. Actually, it goes beyond the sport. We’re not just playing games, we’re building lives. Bringing easy solutions to rather difficult and insurmountable problems football consumers face as individuals.

The strategy to get members to receive payment of US$39, 050 is just to encourage them to drive the networking and get more people to join. We understand that the larger the numbers, the better the performance of the platform.

Now, as a member of IFL Network, there are lots of benefits you can enjoy:

·         You can get up to 25% discount when you buy football kits/ books/ videos / music/ Memorabilia… through the platform of IFL Network.
·         You can get up to 25% discount when you register for trials/ Athlete Scholarship/ Academies… through the platform of IFL Network.
·         You can get up to 30% discount when you register for courses/ Seminars/ Conferences… through the platform of IFL Network.
·         Through your active participation you can enjoy free selections, prizes and freebies…

We’re already looking ahead to 2012 with excitement and how we can give our ‘early bird’ members some priorities before the network gets packed out. You cannot struggle with opportunities like this one. You see, you can’t make money if you’re always afraid of investing the one in your hands.

·         There’s no doubt, IFL Network will be riding high in a couple of days in January 2012. As we continue to test market, over 15,000 persons from 95 countries across the world has already shown strong desire to register and begin to build their money tree down line.

·         We still have about 49 billion football consumers who are yet to know about the network. We’re so optimistic that we’ll soon reach them and get them to join too.

Whether or not you have money to invest in IFL Network, people seem fascinated by the simplicity of MLM strategy and how easy they can make fortune from it. Never underestimate the importance of people’s optimism or the incredible force of power that can erupt from networking together people with like minds – there’s nothing that’ll be impossible for them to achieve.

If you wish to be a member of IFL Network, Please register your interest by clicking on the link below. Also fill out the form that opens up.