GOD HAVE MESSI! Four Ways Leo Envokes Aura Of Divinty, That Cause Big Brands To Endorse And Worship Him

“Don’t say football, say Messi!” Really the question of who is the best football player in the world doesn’t arise. Today, we’ve seen a human football playing machine that’s unstoppable and we don’t know how long he’s going to keep on amazing the world with his skills. Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal FC, said, “Messi is a PlayStation footballer.”

Messi is a different class of player. If Cristiano Ronaldo is the Prince of modern football, then Lionel Messi is the god of football that presently sits on the throne. Samuel O’Eto, in comparing Wayne Rooney and Messi said, “Rooney is a Champion, but Messi is god.” And a fawning journalist once asked “I’idole” – if he is in fact divine. Messi embarrassed at the question, responded that he is only a player, “I try to entertain for ninety minutes or so and then let people go home to their lives… I could never consider myself as a god.” Whether he is a god or merely a mortal, Lionel Messi is a football product of divine proportion. His talent, his competitiveness and his personality have supported the international marketing strategies of big brands across the world. And they’re all so glad to have endorsed him.


1.      His Incredible Football Skills: The way Messi plays his football is quite supernatural. Not even master tactician like Jose Mourinho have been able to find a way to curb his intrusions. Messi just gets the ball and run through defenders with such stunning speed and maneuvers to score a goal. And Pepe, the Real Madriad player saddled with the responsibility of stopping him during one of the El’classico, may have seen red card. “Messi is imortal, Invisible,” Said Gregono Mazano, manager of Real Mallorca. “…Booting him about doesn’t seem to work, the only way is to take a rifle and gun him down.”

2.      His Angelic Personality:  Messi may not have such model features like David Beckham or the eccentric behavior of Diego Maradona, but Messi has such Angelic aura round him. He is more of a quiet person and he has this childish honesty and politeness. You can feel the aura of divine personality as you get close to him. Victor Valdis, goal keeper of FC Barcelona said, “I can’t find words to define Messi, but I’m so happy that god is by my side.”

One of the best traits of Messi that has played a big part in his success, is his humility and discipline. You can be rest assured that something cannot go wrong with Messi.

3.      He Plays for A Great Club:  Some football analyst have argued that Messi may not be at his best if he leaves FC Barcelona to another club. They based their analysis on the fact that Messi hadn’t played so well for his country – The Argentina national Team.

FC Barcelona has one of the best playing culture and mix of players that fit so well together. Whether Barca is playing at home in Spain or in far away Japan, the stadium is most likely to fill to capacity.

Over 60, 000 spectators gather at the Bernbeu each week to see Barcelona play and to worship Messi. Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world today. They have won virtually every competitions – Spanish League, UEFA Cahampion’s League, World Club Competition etc.

4.      His Contribution to Humanity:  Messi, who was once treated hormone defiviency at age 11, started a foundation to create awareness for Fragile X Syndrome. Today,his foundation is supporting people with ‘Down Syndrome’ and ‘Leukemia.’

He is also an ambassador of the UNIEF ‘1Goal’ project for the education of children all over the world.

Many big brands find Messi as good association for their business. Chinese company Chery International, Adidas, Pepsi, T-mobile and Gatorade... Although, many may not see him as a role model  because of his reserved life, but Messi is a world class star that most people can easily recognise and pay attention to - in any promotional material.


Ses jambes courtes et solides permettent à Messi d'exceller en courtes accélérations tandis que ses pieds rapides lui permettent de conserver le contrôle de la balle lorsqu'il dribble à vitesse élevée.