MISSION TO THE FOOTBALL WORLD: How To Share The Gospel To Over 50 Billion People

 When the Federation Internationale de Football Association, otherwise known as FIFA claims that “Football is more than just a game.” For those who know, the global football body is only stating the fact: that the game has gone beyond mere football match with 22 players tossing a round leather ball around on the field of play. Today, football is a very powerful social-economic, political, and spiritual tool.

With over 100 billion loyal consumers and over 50 billion active users of football game across the world – people with the same interest, same passion and same desires – football has formed one of the most powerful nation on earth. As a result of the frenzy, the emotion and the fester power football creates in the global audience, the game has become a very powerful vehicle to disseminate your message to the world – If you want to be heard. And we cannot wish it away to the Devil or ignore it.

For long, the Devil has used football as a weapon to distract young believers from attending Church services. Engaging fans that support different clubs into unwarranted battles; destruction, maiming and killing of each other for no just cause – after all, it’s just a game. This is one of the reasons why we must intervene, to stop the Devil from destroying people in our football nation.  

Football is not of the Devil, it’s only a vehicle and a tool we’ve allowed the Devil to maximize to his advantage

God need us to reach the football world. They’re precious souls Jesus died for and we must creatively reconcile them to God. Many of the people in the football world are unbelievers or young Christians that are largely distracted. We must reach them in their own interest. We must use opportunities football create to reach them effectively. I’ll  share here, five opportunities we can use to share the gospel to the football world



Five Ways We Can Spread The Gospel To the Football World

1.      Reach Out To Football Tournaments: Sport tournaments like World cup, Olympics, UEFA Champions’ League, Nations’ Cup or even local tournaments like Inter-Village or inter-school competitions, gives you the opportunity to share the gospel as an individual or as a group.

Package relevant gospel articles in books, tracts, CDs and share them to fans and players at the stadium or viewing centers. Believers’ Love World (BLW) ministry distributed over a million copies of Rhapsody Of Realities during the World Cup in South Africa.

2.      Organize Football Clinics At The Grassroots: Organizing football clinics, trial camps, reality TV shows or seminars to teach or select young people at the grassroots and share gospel topics like, “Life in Christ” will be a great avenue to win many of them to Christ.

DooGood Football 4 Life has used this strategy to reach millions of young football players in Gambia and Cameroon. Distributing over 5 million Bibles to new converts.

3.      Form A Gospel Football Club: Your ministry can form a football club or even a group in your Church can put together a football team and encourage unbelievers to join with the aim of converting them.

The Football club will play matches and use such opportunity to  share the gospel to fans and spectators during the match. Ministries or Churches Like YMCA, RCCG, use formation of football club, Dance group, Drama group to attract unbelievers and at the end convert them to Christians.

4.      Train Missionary Football Players: We should organize trainings for some professional football players in our ministry or church and encourage them to preach the gospel to their club members as well as fans.

The Brazilian and Real Madrid player, Kaka, has been at the forefront of preaching the gospel to the football world. Taribo West, during his active days as a football player, became a Pastor to the Inter Milan Club too. God need more Christian professional football players to join the crusade.

5.      Testimony Of Christ In Your Football Success Story: As a Christian football player, you should always boldly proclaim your faith in public and use special occasions or opportunities like, Award Speech, Press interview… to testify of Christ goodness in your football career. Fans and young football players are very attentive to such testimonies. You never can tell how many people may give their life to Christ for the sake of your testimony. Therefore, endeavor to publish  your testimonies on the newspapers, magazines, Christian journals and be guest to relevant TV and radio talk shows.

There’s more we can do! There’s nothing as glorious as seeing people won to Jesus Christ and seeing them becoming more like him, even in their career, hobbies and Life style.