SMART PHONES ARE GETTING SMARTER: Now You Can Enjoy More Football on Your Mobile Device

You don't have to miss anything anymore. You can live football every moment of your life - "Eat football, Sleep football." Whether you're at work or traveling, or in some remote area away from the stadium, you can get a full coverage of the on-going match. And when there's no game, you can listen to or read blogs and commentaries of fellow fans around the world. You may even learn to play the game or manage your own team on fantasy football. You can do all these on your smart phone.

Thanks to the goodness of smart phones, even if you're immersed in your work and don't remember the match or you just dozed off, your smart phone will alert you when the match is about to start. Well, if you're that busy and cannot follow the game on real time, your smart phone can also record the match or preview and recap the games involving your favorite teams at your own convenient time. There are a lot of football possibilities with smart phones.

The next time you're buying a phone, buy a smart phone! Well, not just any smart phone, because some newer versions of smart phones are getting smarter and you can enjoy more football if you use one.

When you're shopping for a smart phone, look out for the ones with 4G, i OS operating system and a quadragon application. Then, you've a smart device that's compatible with modern football applications and have the required speed to stream live football on the Internet. I recommend Blackberry Porsche, Samsung galaxy; HTC evo 4G, Huawaei Qua-dragon ... The next thing you're going to look out for is the battery life. Check out batteries that have between 12 to 20 hours talk time. I also recommend Apple i phone and Nokia Asha range. They have batteries with longer life span.

With this kind of smart phone in your hands, it's now your choice. You can choose whatever you want to do and however you want to enjoy your football. You can go to Applications market such as: Apple market, Google Android market, Blackberry market
 ... to download football applications of your choice. Some are free and may pay a token for others. There are things your smart phone can do which may excite you. I'm going to share just four of such possibilities.

Four Things a Smart phone Can Do to Make a Football Fan Enjoy Life

1. DSTV On Your Smart phone: Smart phones that has Daroon Player application or Qua-dragon, can show DSTV. You can now watch live matches via DSTV on your mobile phone. Check out to see the specifications of such phones.

2. Stream Live Football On Your Smart phone: Websites such as,,, stream football live and your smart phone can log on to these websites to watch football games. Provided your smart phone is 4G and has quadragon application to run at required speed level.

3. Football Scores On Your Smart phone: You can get scores of on-going football match on your smart phone. You can read preview, recaps and video clips of any match on or played around the world.

4. Game Football On Your Smart phone: You can play your fantasy game such as football manager, Learn the game of football and Play football with computer team. You require smart phones with minimal capabilities to download some of these applications. So go on, just enjoy football every moment of your life.

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