HUMAN RESOURCE SEARCH: Why Football Players Make The Best Employee in Any Organization

Everyone loves to be part of success. Everyone loves to wake up and think of work in a conducive, friendly environment, everyone, that is, except Human resource managers who are trying to find qualified people to work for them. Sometimes, you are looking out for that special one who can make a difference. Sometimes, we get carried away by the technical skills of the personnel and don’t understand why there are still low productivity and too much rancor among workers.

Hey, go and play football! One quick lesson you’ll learn early in the game of football as in any other team sports is that a collection of star players doesn’t win a game. If the players who make up the team don’t fit together, the team won’t win. The job of the coach is to find quality players and make them blend together into a team.

The team require the skill and input of everyone. Therefore, a player is not encouraged to be selfish – to hold unto the ball to himself for too long or to play to the gallery just to impress the crowd. When a member of the team makes a mistake, the other players do the extra work to cover him up. And when a player is in a better position to score a goal, you are expected to release the ball to him – it’s called teamwork.!

The job of the coach is to understand the quality of each member of the team and find how best to utilize them for each game. So the coach read the game plan of the opponent (Competitor) and come up with a superior strategy. Everyone in the team must follow instruction, must play his on part well, for the team to win – both the players in the field and the ones on the bench are vital to the team’s eventual success.

I have always had the opinion that parents should encourage their wards to train with a football team, not just to become a professional football player, but to learn the essential benefits of team work and to develop into a team player. You can’t down play it. To be a team player is an essential skill required in the workplace, without which, you cannot get to the peak of your career. It’s required both in the internal management of workers and external management of clients.

Human resource managers must as a matter of necessity find out from a candidate during interview, if he or she had played in a football team or participated in any team sports long enough. They should watch out for resume that state participation in football or any other team sports. In fact, what every employer is looking out for is a person with complementary skills, who can work effectively with other people and is committed to the common purpose of the organization – a team player.