TOP 5 MOBILE APPs: Discover The New and Exciting Ways Techie Fans Enjoy Football On Their Smart Phones

I read Mike Poynton article where he said, "Smart Phones have revolutionized the way many of us do things." He was just stating the obvious and it'll surprise me if the frenzy has not cut up with you. Maybe, you're just arriving from the stone age. I am not patronizing, but if you don't have a Smart phone, then what you have is nothing but a “stone” and you can't play effectively with today's lifestyle.

Since iphone ios and Android os became the new generation platform for mobile devices, the world hasn't been the same again. Everyday, thousands of Apps are developed to run on these operating systems. And for many techie savvy fans, some of these Apps has pretty added some exciting new ways to enjoy football. I was discussing with my friend, Godfrey Ekeson - a great football fan and owner of London Phones, here in Computer Village Lagos Nigeria - who closely monitor trends of mobile technology as I do. We noticed 4 Apps that just about all techie football fans use with their smartphones:

1. TWITTER: It's the trend now as you watch EPL or UCL games at viewing centers or restaurants, you'll find fans tweeting real time; posting whats on their mind, their comments, questions... about the on going football game. It's just a great way to feel the passion of football fans across the world. You could get expert opinions from players, managers, journalists whom you are following on twitter. Though,  you could read abusive commentaries from dis-grunted fans, racists, opponent supporters... which I think all culminate to build more vibes for the game.

2. GOOGLE+: Perhaps, Google+ Apps is taking the passion for the game to the next level. Many fans now use the Apps to be alive to the game 24/7. For instance, when you register your interest to watch a football game in Google+ event, the Apps prompts your smart phone to remind you that the game has started and give you a link where you can watch the live stream. You can comment and see the comments of other fans in a thread.

One other exciting part is the hang out. You can participate in a live hang out with football stars and personalities. Few weeks ago, I joined a hang out, where Patrick Kulvert, Ruudi Gulit and Mac Mannaman were interviewed live. In such hang out, you don't just watch, you can ask your questions from your remote location and get them to answer on real time.

3. SCORES FC: Most techie football fans have this App on their Smart phones. It's an amazing piece of software that allows you follow a game or group of games anywhere you are; provided you have a network connection or WiFi. If you cannot be at the stadium, viewing center or restaurant to watch, you can still follow the game on your smart phone.

Scores FC gives you moment to moment analysis of the game on your Smart phone. You can look at the stats, team list, table, blog preview and post match analysis of the game. The Apps continue to deliver to you short video clips of some exciting moments of the game. I use the app a lot, especially when am traveling on the road or at work, when I can't see the game live.

4. QIK VIDEO: Qik video is another popular Apps most football fans use when at the stadium or viewing center. Fans use the App to record and share videos on real time.

With qik video apps, you could record side attractions and share the clips with your friend anywhere they are. You could stream live videos and get your friends and family to watch through the link you sent to them.

Football is getting more exciting with these Apps and the interesting thing is, you could actually download most of these Apps on Google play store or iphone store for free or you may just pay a token.

The ones I shared here are just the top 5 Apps I and my friend noticed. But there are quite a lot of exciting new football Apps you can use with your Smart phones today. Take sometime out to search as many Apps markets as you can, you will be astonished what you will discover for your enjoyment. Download as many Apps as your phone can take and get more excited and more alive to the game