SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:How A Local Football Team Won the Loyalty of Hurricane Sandy Victims

St John Football team at Point Pleasant Beach

No one would be thinking of supporting a football team in times of emergency. During natural disaster like the hurricane sandy in USA or the over flooding of Niger basin in Nigeria.  People are needing support and  are more concerned for their own lives.

But a local high school football team isn’t; they decided to respond differently. And from Union Beach to Seaside Heights’ from Belmar to Bayville, players of the team are aiding the recovery effort with supplies, with support and sometimes, with strength to bring relief to their fellow sandy victims.

That was the scene in Point Pleasant Beach after the storm. Members of the town’s undefeated high school team went door to door helping their neighbors. They carried out flood ravaged debris to the curb, from Couches to dressers, to dinning room furniture. And when they’ve finished with one house, they walk as a group to the next and start again.

In fact, the natural disaster has brought an opportunity for the team to give back to their teeming fans and to gain their loyalty for life.


St. John high school football team has not been that relevant to the community as they are now. People are pleased with them, more people are now aware of their contributions to the community and are more willing to relate with them as a team. They’ve put their foot mark in the heart of the town.

One lesson I learnt from the incident these past weeks is just another side of the game. Football is not played on the field alone. A team could gain more loyal support by participating in community services and projects.

Now, your team doesn’t have to build a Windmill or a hydro-power station, to gain such community attention.

By just engaging in barber jobs, filling pot holes on the roads, draining sewage water ways, mowing lawns on the pathways or even planting flowers to beautify the town, the community and fans would be so loyal to the team.

I learnt that the more a team continues to meet community needs in one way or another, the more the team gains the people’s respect and loyal support. Just by their inspiring actions, St John High School football team has been given a spotlight on CNN world news.