MIRANDA SALMAN’S EDGE: The Man Who Transgender Into A Female Football Star

Miranda Salman jog for Camera

Miranda Salman is probably the best female football player that came out of Mexico or perhaps, the entire world. You can’t but give her a second look with the way she handles the ball and the way she power pass her fellow female football players. She displays some awesome football artistry that raises lots of eyebrow: Who is she? Is she really a woman? How did she develop such unimaginable football skills?

Well, Salman was born a man, but today she is become a woman and one of the finest star in female football.

As a young boy, it was obvious Salman had a talent and passion for football. Perhaps, the only thing that kept him going; the only thing that brought him respect among his peers then. But her feminine mannerism was something of a ridicule.

Miranda Salman Flamboyancy

“Basically, it was the need to be outstanding so my other classmates wouldn’t make fun of me what made me have the ‘extra thing’ in sports.” Salman said in the Primer Impacto Video.

In the 90’s, Salman suffered an ankle fracture which forced her to stop playing for a while and underwent a sex change operation. After staying out of the game for eight years, she return a woman and joined a female team. Ever since then, she has been shinning in the field of play.

“Miranda for me is a spectacle. She knows how to handle the ball, she knows how to make plays… for me, Miranda is the number one player in our team and in the whole of Mexico.” Said one of her teammates in the Primer Impacto Video.

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Despite her superlative performances, she is still a victim of discrimination. Still a man in the mind of many dis tractors. And one of them said “This is the edge she has, she is a man.” Even her teammates mock her because of her flamboyant lifestyle.

But the truth remains, whether a man or a woman, Salman’s football skills is undeniable and that’s her real edge!


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