MY BIRTHDAY PRESENTS: Offers You the Best Gift You Can Ever Give To a Man

Good day to all readers of this blog. I hope you’re doing good always? I am so thankful to God for giving us a platform such as this to share our own little stories and to inspire one another unto good works.

Five years ago and just few days to my birthday, I began to experience this longing. Something inside of me was urging me to start this. It wasn’t the first time though, the idea do drop in my mind once a while. But this day, it was like the spirit led me on, as I flipped from one TV channel to another – CNN, BBC, Channels, NTA … It was all reports of Terrorist acts, Wars, Natural deserters, hunger and death ravishing the world over. Then, I pondered on it, why is there so much hatred and killings around the world? Why does the world press promote evil works so much? And then, the answer came to me in form of an idea - to use my birthday date to promote good around the world. So every December 4, I personally declare as a “World Good Day.”

Last year December 4, 2011, I and some fans of “Inspire Football for Life” network visited Fountain of Hope Orphanage Home in Lagos; with several gifts. It was so fulfilling to see how excited those children were as we mingled with them on that day. And in my birthday message I did say, “A good farmer doesn’t clear up all his Harvest, he leaves some for the less privileged in the neighborhood. For whom God has so blessed in our football profession should also consider the less privileged – Orphans, Widows and people who lack basic amenities of life in our neighborhood.”

Remember, nature bestows its best prizes and honor on one thing. And that one thing is - Giving! God has put so much resource in your hands so you can effectively work in His vision. I believe God can you use you to uplift people around the world, especially those in your immediate neighborhood.

This year, I’ve decided to do something more important than any other thing in life. I and my Christian partners in the football profession will be going out to offer people the best gift of life. And what is this gift? It is the Salvation of their Souls!

We will be going to the different venues of the on-going 18th National Sports Festival to share gospel materials and to preach to as many people as we can reach. I am already excited of what the outcome will be. And I encourage Christians the world over to do the same thing. You can take advantage of the awareness that we are trying to create on December 4, to win souls for Christ like never before. That’s the best form of good you can ever do; that’s the best gift you can ever give to any man.

Benson Chukwueke declares "World Good Day"