Who you know is as important as what you know, if not more important. Football like any other business works in cartels and if you don't belong to any network you would find it hard to get on in business. Your network is your success!

You must understand this vital truth in business. Who you know connects you to opportunities where you can showcase what you know. Who you know can recommend you and give you trusted referrals. So this year you should look for and grow your football business network. For instance, Joining 'Inspire Football4Life network' would give you access to over 6, 000 football agents, scouts, teams and sponsors. You cannot afford to ignore a network like that.

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Inspire Football4Life Network promises to be the largest football network on earth with over 60, 000 fans, 20, 000 football players and 5, 000 coaches across the globe. Becoming a member of a network of this magnitude, would give your business so much depth and width. I am Talking about access to a large amount of potential customers and business partners. The network strengthens your business in no little measure.

In this network, you can collaborate with businesses in remote countries where ordinarily you cannot reach. This gives your business a global outlook. For instance, through the network, Gh.Sports1 in Nigeria has been able to collaborate with 'Total Soccer method' in Netherlands for its 2013 Trial Camp in Lagos Nigeria.

Through the network, we've been able to recommend over 50 players to various scouts across the globe. We've connected scouts to attend some trial camps in Europe and Asia. We've also invited Jose Martinez, a scout from Australia and Cynthia Loo, a scout from USA, to attend 2013 Trial camp in Lagos Nigeria. This is strength you can enjoy if you belong to the network.

This is beyond the usual connection you build on social media networks, people you don't really know and find it difficult to trust. We're all aware of the incident of fraudsters on the Internet. Inspire Football4Life would recommend for you trusted business partners and customers from the network. This is what you need to grow your sports business.


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