KEYBOARD WARRIORS ON THE RUN: How Curtis Woodhouse Track Down Athletes Abuser On Twitter

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Keyboard Warrior, Jimmy O'Brien, apologize
In case you don't know, Keyboard Warriors are usually some timid and cowardly individuals who found the keyboard of their mobile devices or computers as an offensive weapon to fightback, spread rumors, scandals, abuses or torment other persons via communication vehicles such as social media sites, chat, blog or text messages.

 These mask faced warriors indulges in Cyberbullying - using technology as mentioned above to harass, threaten, embarrass or target another person. And in our modern day affairs we've seen such 'Lilly levered get so bold' behind the wall of social media such as Twitter and their target are mostly athletes.

Recently, football players like Mario Balotelli, Ashley Cole and Ashley Young have been victims of racial abuses on twitter. And many athletes has lamented their susceptibility to unfettered abuses on other social media sites too. Pro- tennis player, Rebecca Marino cited cyberbullying as the major reason behind her retirement.

But former football player turned boxer wouldn't take that shit. Curtis Woodhouse went to extraordinary length to put a twitter user who abused him in his place

Now Boxer, Curtis Woodhouse track down Jimmy O'Brien
 The 32 years old, who played for Hull city and Sheffield united, but switched to boxing - lost the English Light Walter weight title to Shayne Singleton on points decision. But then, he received taunts from'jimmyob88' a twitter user, who described Woodhouse as a disgrace: "Retire immediately! Can't even defend a pathetic little title, you are a complete disgrace #awfulboxer." - he tweeted.

Curtis Woodhouse is a Former Hull City Player
Woodhouse enraged by his jibes, offered 1,000 pounds reward to any of his 18, 000 followers on twitter who could help him locate the cyberbully.

After his plea paid-off, he drove nearly 70 miles from his home in Driffield East Yorkshire to the keyboard warrior's address. And on reaching there, he tweeted a picture of the street sign on the road where 'jimmyob88' lives at South Yorkshire with the words, "Right Jimbob in here, some one tell me what number he lives at or do I have to knock on every door #itsshowtime."

The cyberbully, who turned out to be Jimmy o' Brien, a 24 years old mummy's boy, got so scared to wet in his pants.

Jimmy and his friends has been in the habit of abusing athletes and their wards on twitter as part of their fun. A new revelation that he was the same person that taunted Rio Ferdinand, Victoria Beckham, Lennox Lewis, Davina McCall, Kattle Price... But Woodhouse just gave him a scare of his life, though he didn't eventually get to his house. But Jimmy is now in the world news for the wrong reason.

Though, jimmy has since then apologized for his disgusting actions and told Daily Mirror that he's trying to delete his twitter account from his mobile phone but couldn't.

But how did the boxer track down this shamefaced cyberbully. Woodhouse said: "Just had a call from somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody and @jimmyob88' has asked what he can do to make me away."

Clarke Folster, a social media expert said, "it's pretty easy to track down anyone on twitter. First, checkout the account details for any cue; then checkout the IP address or Mobile provider range codes, you'll be able to determine where he or she usually tweet from, that's likely to be the domain."

But Woodhouse him said afterwards in a funny mood, "Just found out you can block people!! Could have let me know earlier, I could have saved 20 quid in petrol." He is right. You don't have to go through all that trouble. Just block the guy! Twitter has provided you an easy option.