To every excited football fan out there, the phrase 'football for life' means - enjoy football forever or support football forever! That's exactly what we are saying to you at GreenHunters Sports International (Gh.sports1).

It's a little more than just watching 22 players tossing a ball around a football field and a whole Mormons of fans cheering in excitement. It's about how all that translates to benefit you as an individual and society at large.

Gh.sports1 is taking it beyond that level. We're not just playing games, we're building lives. And football for life means more than just a phrase. It's a vision - to touch lives, fulfill dreams and build a happier world through football sport.

The concept itself is fairly simple but large in scope. We're using the popularity of the sport and it's power to gain attention of most people and organizations around world, to drive improved quality of life for you as an individual and society at large. Well, let me break it down so you may understand how you can benefit from this initiative.

1. Football Empowerment: We go the grassroots to hunt for extra-ordinary raw football talents. And through our Football clinic events we groom them and expose them to modern techniques of the game. We also organize trial events where these talents have the opportunity to be selected by a scout or agent of a professional team.

We already have affiliations with Total Soccer methods in Netherlands and Soccer scouting network in Scotland. We are presently working with over a 100 players across West Africa.

2. Promoting Education: We help talented players gain scholarship admissions into colleges or Universities around the world.

We promote football sports in schools. We help them raise funds and organize football clinics for schools like GreenSprings, Corona...

We encourage exceptional talents to attend special football school such as kwara state  football Academy or Pepsi Football Academy.

We support world education projects such as '1 Goal.' And we lavishly promote their activities around West African coast.

3. Improving Health Care: We promote health care projects through football.  We organize fund raising novelty games to help build primary health care centers or purchase Mobile clinic vehicles.

We support Kanu Heart Foundation (KHF). We help mobilize fund from football fans by selling lottery tickets to them - for the treatment of children with cardiovascular diseases across the world.

We lavishly promote world health care projects such as, Kick out Polio or Defend Mosquitoes away with treated nets - to curb Malaria infections around West Africa.

4. Involved In charity Works: We support football teams and encourage individual stars to take up charity projects. We organize charity matches to raise funds for destitute and orphanage centers.

We're so inspired by how a sporting team took rescue job during Hurricane Catherina deserter in USA. We hope to expand our reach and financial strength, to be able to make significant impact to victims of war and natural deserters.

5. Promoting World Peace And Quality Human Life: We proffer football solutions to return peace to troubled area around the world. We organize peace games, we mobilize football stars and other respectable personality to mediate between factions.

We promote football role models and reward excellent behaviors. We vehemently speak against negative characters such as racial discrimination s, corrupt practices and animistic behaviors and tendencies such as rape and other immoral behaviors.

6. Promoting The Development of the Human Spirit: In Gh.Sports1 we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution to all human problems and we integrate it as our key solution offer to reach.

We're very much involved in the conversion and development of the human soul. This we believe is the essence of our being.

We weekly share tracts, experts to our online reach. We share Bibles and key books during our player clinics and trial camps.

We encourage fans, players and other football professionals to be vitally involved in spreading of the gospel across their own sphere of contact. We already have many successes and testimonies in all our endeavors


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