NIGERIA FOOTBALL DIRECTORY: Vconnect Helps You Find Nigeria Football Information Anytime Anywhere

Recently, a young player that registered for our football clinic, Hadi Aliu from Okene Nigeria, told me he wanted to develop his football skills and for 2 years, he has been searching for a quality football academy that's close to him. He has searched Google severally, with different 'Keywords but didn't get the information he wanted. I was surprised that such information on his finger tip could hold him from making his desired progress for 2 years.

I know many people had found it very difficult in the past to access information in Nigeria due to lack of well documented data. But today, you may probably suffer for nothing due to ignorance. If for instance, you don't know about Vconnect.

I was spurn by this young player to share this information. I don't know how many more people out there who don't know about this advancement.

Vconnect is the largest local search engine in Nigeria, that helps people find virtually any information about Nigeria. The company has a unique 'tele-search' feature, which helps anyone find any information quickly.

If you have a mobile phone for instance, all you simply have to do is call an easy number 070 0000 8888 and you'll get instant and updated information of any product or company details.

Then, if you have an internet connection in any of your devices, you could easily log on to and make query on the search feature at the website.

So I will ask my young player to use any of these options. Vconnect has the list of all football academies in Nigeria and you could easily find the one closest to you. You could as well search for the details of any registered football club in Nigeria especially, NPFL clubs.

You can go ahead and search for grassroots tournaments or programs such as, Copa Coca Cola, Gulder street soccer, Airtel rising stars, Lagos state adopt a talent... Or maybe, you can search for sport businesses - sport wear companies, licensed agents, Publishers, Media advertisers...

The least is to find the details of Nigeria sports ministry or national sports commission, NFF or even state sport commissions. Vconnect will provide you with much more information to help you make better decisions. Click the advert below to make your first search. It is free!

Though, you can search for anything in Google, but in Vconnect, you can only search for information about products, services or companies listed in Nigeria. Google doesn't provide you such comprehensive details as Vconnect.

Well, if you search and didn't get the information of the business you wanted, then think twice before you enter any form of contract with such business. Vconnect have up to date details of at least 200, 000 businesses in Nigeria. It is the only site that allows you send business information via SMS or email to your business associates and friends.


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