SPORT BUSINESS HITS: 5 Million Nigerian Kids Want Their Football Toys Now, Now!

Now, if you sell or you know where we could buy football toys of any kind in Nigeria, please post a comment below this article. Whether you sell football apparels, dolls, comics or even football computer games, let us know how to reach you.

I didn't know myself that the line of products is such in high demand, not until my 3 years old son began to insist I purchase 'Barca' kits for him - Jersey, pair of pants, horst and boot. He even made it more difficult as he specifically asked me to buy the one written on it, 'David' and number '7.' I guess because his name is David.

Truly, I was delighted with his demands, because I'm a passionate supporter of FC Barcelona and I really wanted my son to have the kits. It's like a kind of induction - you know how these things happen between father and son. But to my disappointment, I went to every shopping plaza and markets I knew in Lagos and Abuja, but didn't find any to buy. Most of the shops I went to only had Jersey for teenagers and for adults. It just has done on me how these groups, 1 - 7 years, 8 - 13 years old kids are largely un-served at the football market.

In my discussions with Mr. Afam Anyika , the public relations manager of Jumia, online retailers, he said that we have 5 million 'football passionate kids' across Nigeria. These kids are largely influenced by their parents and football fans around them, who wear these jerseys and pride their favorite teams.

Lately, some schools now encourage the students to wear their favorite club's apparel during sporting activities. More schools now organize sport camps during holidays and they require the kids to come with their kits.

It's not all about sporting apparels; Mr. Anyika said that kid clothing and toys market in Nigeria is so large - estimated about 15 million kids making unrelenting demands on their parents and adult relations everyday.

The 7 - 13 years group is kids who are already forming a more concrete behavioral pattern along this line. The trend today is the computer. They're addicted to computer games and the reading of comics. They would have really referred to play computer games and read comics that have adventures of their football super heroes like, Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Mikel, Drogba, Yaya toare...

Jumia, the number 1 online retailer in Nigeria, is fully aware of this trend and have in stock some high quality caster sporting apparels, computer games, and toys is meeting the demands of these seemingly 'un-served' group of kids. Click the Advert below to see the wonderful things they have in stock for kids.

 If you live in Lagos, it wouldn't cost you anything extra to deliver to your door step. And you can well pay on delivery, if you don't have a credit card to pay online. You can take advantage of their quick service. If you order before 12noon in Lagos, your kids toys or apparels can be delivered to them the same day.

In spite of what Jumia is already doing, we felt that we should expose to you this line of business - a largely 'un-served' kid’s football market. In case you are seeking for a new business and a new line of product. This is the deal.


live football said…
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Jillur Rahman said…
My best wishes for the Nigerian kids Football team.Thanks a lot.

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