JOB OPPORTUNITY IN SPORTS : Earn $10, 000 or More as a Football Network Officer

How much would you like to earn per month? Can you use $10, 000? Will it be enough for you? Then earn it!

First, join Inspire Football Life (IFL) Network and get 2,000 football lovers to subscribe this month. Simple! That’s all you need to do each month to earn $10, 000.

You can even earn more; it’s not a salary job. You can pay yourself as much as you can effectively network football people. What I’m saying is this: This is not a job vacancy Per Se, it is a job offer!

IFL Networking
 We are offering you a job as a football network officer. This is perhaps the easiest paying job you can ever find on the face of the earth.  It’s not a permanent job, understand. You’ll be working for only as much time as you find it rewarding and fun. It gives you a good reason why you may want to stay close to that football fan at the stadium or viewing center in your city; to introduce him or her to IFL Network. And for each individual you get to subscribe into the net work, you earn $50 immediately.

How Can I Network As Much People?
It is easy to network as much as 2,000 people in a month. Don’t worry; you’ll be given adequate training and support as to how you can go about networking. It’s easier though, when you are a football player or fan yourself. You’ll find it fun connecting with other football lovers anywhere you go. As they say, “Football speaks only one language all around the world.”

What Tools Are Required for This Job?
It is an online networking platform. You’ll be given the website detail. Then with your Smartphone, Tablets or Personal Computer connected to the internet, you can make presentations to any football lover you find anywhere and at anytime. You can also get them to subscribe immediately via online payment carts, using a Debit card or Credit card.

What Are The Benefits For Subscribers In IFL Network?
Football lovers are always buying football related products. Therefore, subscribing into IFL Network, they’ll be privileged to purchase from the network merchant partners:  football fashion, memorabilia, household and gift items at a price off 20% discount; and an added 5% discount if they purchase large volume at once.

For football professionals in IFL Network, they’ll also enjoy relatively the same discounts when they register for courses, Seminars and conferences organized by institutions partnering with the network.

IFL Network will be a great fun for any football lover. It promises to be the largest football network on earth. Presently, over 60, 000 persons across the world have joined the network. More than 10 online Merchants have signaled their interest to partner with the network. Click the logo below to register your interest. We’ll be calling you up for training soon.


Anonymous said…
u no even get one comment and u are claming of 60k sibscribers lie

Anonymous, this isn't the network. This is just a blog. Contact me and I prove to you we already have more 60k subscribers.
live football said…
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