A Simple Way to Sell Your Football Skills to Clubs Around the World – Make the Move Now!

How much longer are you going to wait before you get an offer from a club; at least go for trials? So long, a lot of footballers have wasted many years still waiting and hoping that someday a scout will come and fish them out from that remote playground far way in Africa.

It’s unfortunate that several of these people are real players. They possess awesome talents hidden away in the hinterlands. While the world eagerly wait to see another Yaya Toure come on to the big stage, many of these talents couldn’t find their way of the dark.  The hardship in Africa force most of them to take up alternative means of livelihood, after many years of waiting without progress.

To understand what am about to tell you, imagine you are producing this wonder product that can instantly cure HIV; from one remote factory down the road, but nobody comes to buy. Though, a lot of people are eagerly looking for a product this, they aren’t aware it existed just down the road. Without creating awareness, your factory may soon go bankrupt and shut down.

Every product, no matter how good, require some sort of marketing to get the right people to come for it. Just like the product illustrated above, a football player is a sport product. Skillful players is what clubs and fans pay for. Some clubs are willing to pay millions of dollars to get a good player,only if they are aware he exist somewhere.  Every footballer needs  someone that can help promote him and get the attention of professional clubs around the world.

Footballers aren’t professional marketers and may not be able to sell their skills themselves. They may not possess relationships in the transfer market. This is the reason I have always recommended that any serious minded should quickly make contact with sport marketing professional. You can be sure that while you are training to keep fit and improve your football skills, there’s someone busy marketing you to scouts, Agents and clubs around the world.

Sport marketing consult like GrenHunters Sports International go the extra mile for players in their portfolio. We usually sign a 2 years agreement with players and within the period we will expose them to scout, Agents and clubs in our network. Contact us immediately