Google+ Connects You to Inspire Football Life Community: Discover Football Possibilities and Have Access to Opportunities


Have you read the story of that English fan who was about to die? And lying prostrate on the sick bed he earnestly prayed, “Dear Lord, please allow me watch UEFA Champions League tonight before I die.”

Right away, he saw himself lifted up to glory. And Joe looked around in excitement as he saw all the splendors of heaven, then he turned to the Angel by the gate, “Sir, will I be able to watch UEFA Champions league or may be, FIFA World cup here?” “Why? No, we don’t play football in Heaven!” And immediately, Joe countenance dropped as he began to walk away. “Where you going young man?” the Angel asked. And Joe sadly replied, “If there’s no football in Heaven, let me remain on earth!”

Hi, are you just like Joe? Well, if you tell me football is your life and that’s all you live for, then you’re not alone. We have over 2 billion people around the world that are so passionate about the sport like you. So we came up with the idea of creating a football community where we can share our common interest and inspire one another to a more rewarding life. Inspire Football Life (IFL Community) was created on Google+

Why Google+ and Not Facebook or Twitter?
It seems Google+ is the right place to build a community such as this. Critics may say that Google+ is not like Facebook or Twitter, because it has fewer users. While it’s true, the functionality of Google+ makes it easier for people with shared interest to mingle together.

It is more like twitter, in that you follow people with shared interests, but it’s complemented by communities features Just like facebook. The difference is this; Google+ isn’t about being connected with real life friends and family. It’s about connecting with people who share your interests. So where will you find people as passionate about football as you?

Why You Join the community Right Away, if you have Google Account?
Nobody can truly claim absolute knowledge of football. But your excitement can really be fanned up by how much you can discover of this beautiful game. Football is wide as well as deep; connecting with real people in the community could open up the game in several dimensions for you. It’s about

Discover   -                  Connect                           Participate                           Enjoy!!

Highlights of what you Stand to Benefit if you Join IFL Community

  • Make Money Connecting other people interested in football

  • Get inspired and motivated by exclusive stories and information

  • Discover how technology is changing the way to enjoy football

  • Enjoy outrageous discounts and sales promotional deals

  • Discover modern football tools and products available today

  • Connect with football businesses and investment opportunities

  • Find opportunities to empower yourself and start a football career

  • Find collaborations and partnerships to expand your business globally

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