The Birth of GreenHunters Sports International (Gh.Sport1)

GreenHunters Sports International (Gh.Sports1) is born out of the conceived idea to position a leading football marketing and Management organization that will deliver football products and services to our target markets.

Gh.Sports1 is position to provide marketing support for: players and coaches, Clubs, Football organizers, Broadcasters and media houses, fans etc. to get optimal satisfaction from football services.

Our Services

·         Players and Coaches Marketing: Gh.Sports1 scout for young quality players, refine them, and sell them to the best football market all over the world. We liaise with local football clubs and academies to put the players in their best quality shape for sales. Then, We work with FIFA licensed Agents to promote and negotiate good contract deals for them.

We are not just sales rep. to the players; we manage their career and give them the necessary promotional need for their career to continue to soar. It is same for the coaches who have signed up with us. As managers to the players, we get commission off their fortunes. We make their dreams come through and we ride on their dreams.

·         Leagues, Tournaments and Football Clubs Marketing: Gh.Sports1 sign up with football organizers to do marketing for the League, tournament or special games. We get Sponsors for them and put the league, tournament or game in the spotlight of their target audience. Sometimes, we may have to buy the marketing right for the tournament or game. It all depends on the agreement.

·         Telecast right and Sponsorship: We do the same thing for broadcasters and media houses. We sign up with them to do marketing for their telecast rights for games or sports programs. We also buy airtime to broadcast our own initiated sports programs. Sometimes, We may buy the marketing right to telecast a tournament or game or a sports program.

·         Football Viewing Restaurant: Gh.Sports1 Plan to establish conducive football viewing restaurants that will give fans a stadium atmosphere and provide them with the telecast of desired football games played all over the world.

·         Sports Shop: Gh.Sports1 plan to open sports shops where original football clubs merchandize will be sold. We plan to get exclusive right as Sales Rep for some top football clubs merchandize in Nigeria.

·         Portal Website: Gh.Sports1 plan to establish an interactive website to stand as fans vehicle of expression and quantitative, qualitative information. There will a lot of predict an win and other traffic driving options.

·         Football 4 life Reality Show: Gh.Sports1 flagship is to provide wealth opportunities for the less privileged through football opportunities. We plan to create a reality TV show that will fish out talented football players from ghettoes, Jungles, orphanage homes and street of Africa and expose them to the big leagues all over the world. This is our societal marketing concept. Our contribution to alleviate poverty all over Africa.