Nigeria Football In Desperate Need of A Life Support!

"It is a common knowledge that Nigeria football is in comatose state for a long time and is now in desperate need for a life support. The only therapy that can help Nigeria football is Marketing". Benson Chukwueke

Football in Nigeria is in desperate need of marketing support services. A casual look at the prevailing situation

  • Nigeria premier league is sub-standard and could not attract significant sponsors.
  • It does not attract the media to give it enough coverage.
  • It does not attract the fans to the stadium
  • Therefore, Nigeria football clubs operate with a huge financial loss year after year.
This is enough to tell you that only marketing solutions could turn around fortunes for the industry.

What football managers in Nigeria requires is the right marketing mix that will drive their club's services and cause their customers to patronize them passionately.

Football is number one sports in Nigeria and still remain the most patronized form of entertainment. Over 30 million fans watch the Nigeria national team play a major game.

We could also estimate over 10 million fans who patronize both English premiership league and UEFA champions league in Nigeria.

This could mean that with the right marketing mix in Nigeria football clubs and Nigeria premier league, we could change the buying habits of fans and other football consumers to start patronizing made in Nigeria football.

A lot of organizations in Nigeria require the attention of their target audience, who are already football fans and adherent consumers of football entertainment. Therefore, these organizations are willing to spend huge amount of money to sell their corporate brand through football opportunities.

Blue chip organizations such as Coca-cola, Pepsi, MTN, G lo-mobile etc has continually shown such business desire.

Nigeria clubs as well as League organizers need marketing agents or consultants that could broker for them the right sponsorship/ endorsement deals. This is the global practice in the football industry.