A Time with Benson Chukwueke –The president of GreenHunters Sports International

Q1: You just started a web blog “Football 4 Life.” What is it all about?

The blog is a vehicle of expression for me. I have something to say; something worth hearing. I have the idea that football could be a source of life for our people in Africa. The blog is to express such insightful message to the world and to network with like minds or converts, so we could push stronger together and to gain mileage in the shortest possible time.

Q2: So what is the concept “Football 4 Life” all about?

Football 4 Life concept is designed to take football to the next level; to create wealth for our people and to give more youths a career path through football opportunities.

The concept is designed to leverage on the vast attention the sport get and the huge amount of wealth it creates to improve the self worth of our people in Africa, especially the less privileged.

Q3: It is a huge concept, but is it achievable? How do you hope to achieve all these in Nigeria?

Yes, it is achievable! I hope to achieve a whole lot of mileage! I have already started campaign to network with football stakeholders all over the world with the intention of mobilizing for change. This blog is one of my campaign vehicles to take my message to my target audience.

The blog promote the sport and write insightful articles on football matters.

I show case football role models for youths and I have set up modalities to discover football players even from the most remote area in Africa. I will be searching the ghettoes, militant or war zone; war ravaged areas, refuge camps etc. This is our corporate social responsibility.

Q4: Why did you choose this line of business. What do you think is your mission?

It is more of a calling for me to tap into enamors football resources and talents in Africa – we have the players, we have the fan base and lots of corporate consumers of the sport. My mission is to harness all of these resources for the benefit of our people.

My social responsibility is to improve the self worth of my people by alleviating poverty through the harness of such large football potentials in Africa.

Q5: So then, what are you offering your target market?

Gh.sports1 are pushing various services. We have varied customers from football players, football clubs, football associations to fans, corporate consumers’ etc.

We presently offer our players transfer opportunities to clubs in Europe, America, and Asia.

We plan to open a sports shop so fans can buy the original souvenirs of their favorite clubs.

We are planning to sign contracts with clubs so we could represent them and help them get the right sponsorship/ endorsement deals.

We plan to get into media spotlight with our flagship TV reality show called “Football 4 Life. The show is designed to bring together young talented players, football heroes, audience and corporate participation. It promises to be a thriller for television viewers.

Q6: Tell us more about your TV reality show?

It is something like suspense and I may not want to reveal it to you now. But, it is so unique and mined blowing, I promise you that.

We’re searching for sponsors. The show may fit into the promotional concepts of mobile networks, beverage drinks, banks, sports wear etc. It is going to be a big bang on television. We have the manuscript with us right now.

Q7: Is your establishment a non-profit organization or are you out for business?

Truly, Gh.Sports1 stands in between a profit and non-profit organization as it is. However, profit propels our mechanism, but what drives us is our vision. Due to our vision, we may not concentrate our efforts on the high profit centers of our business rather we will aim more at fulfilling our vision profitably.

If we have to survive in the market place, we must have to breakeven as well as make some margins profits.

Q8: Are you a FIFA licensed agent and is your company a sports agency?

Gh.sports1 is more than an agency. We are football-marketing providers. We do some agency functions in cases of players’ transfer, Sponsorship/endorsements, but we do more than that.

Our business is to exchange football services for money, putting the marketing baselines 4p’s into its’ right perspective in football clubs, individual players, football associations, tournaments etc.

Q9: You are aware that football clubs in Nigeria are owned and administered by government Functionaries? Is there any future for football in Nigeria?

Yes am aware. I am also aware that they run the clubs like a non-profit outfit. This will hopefully change soon. The good news is there are more people that are aware of the right things to do. As more and more ex-international players are willing to take up positions as coaches and administrators, government will soon yield to the pressure.

We are also putting our own pressures through enlightenment campaigns in the mass media. There will surely yield results.

Q10: What final statements do you have for your readers?

Let’s shun corruption! We could build a more lasting wealth for our people through football opportunities. We have all the raw materials to excel. We have the players, the fan base and lots of corporate consumers. Marketing football clubs and football association is future of the game. We should embrace marketing as a club, as player or as the association administering the sports. There is more to football than you can imagine. Let’s all start building together now.