The Hand Of God in World Cup 2010

I read an article that got me thinking. The article is titled “Does God play football?” 
Come to think of it, Does God really play football? Does He influence the cause of a football game in favor of a club or does the game only play out through scientific approach as well as the skills of the players in the field of play?

My friend David feels is an insult. “God is too busy to play football” He said. Big clubs with lots of money could afford to buy top quality players and managers. Yes! They do win most of the time or what do you think? Not all the time though.
Sometimes, the die is cast for clubs with almost the same quality players and managers. But for a season everything seems to be going right for a club with a set of players. Yet, they soon fizzle out after some seasons of victories and trophies.
Sometimes, upset do happen! Where smaller clubs suddenly rise up to the challenge to defeat a bigger club. Not that the bigger club were out played, but the ball would not just go into the net after they have done all. Just a little force that push the ball and it went over the bar. Just a little wind blow drives the ball to hit the upright. “Shit! That’s  the hand of God!”
The insurance professionals call it “the act of God” when rainfall, wind storm or sea storm and other natural occurrence cause their clients to loose valuables.
Many players and clubs has shown strong indications that they believe that there are some invisible forces that control the game of football. You could hear them talk about Luck for or against them. You could hear them say it is the will of God for a particular game. You could see the players of the club pray together before a game in attempt to swig the hand of God to their favor.
Diego Maradona of Argentina was the first player who spoke of “The hand of God” when it was alleged that he used his hand to score a goal against the English National Team during the 1986 world cup. He was referring to the favor of God that causes everything he does to go right, even when he does something wrong, it would turn out for his good. Maradona is arguably the best football player on planet earth.
Roberto Bargio of Italy had confessed that he used voodoo charms to enhance his game and he was one of the best football player that came out of italy.  The truth is many players employ all sorts of spiritual powers to influence the way they play, but no one will tell you this because it is not scientifically proven.
It takes more than the eyes could see to prepare a team for a crucial game and players go beyond the physical  realm to influence the game to their favour. Some Astrologizers claimed that they helped Scolari and Brazilian National team to win the world cup 2002.
The same Astrologizers has come out to say that the hand of God is favoured to swig again the way of Brazil or Italy in world cup2010.
I do not believe in Astrology, but I do believe there are spiritual influences in everything the human being do. Believe it or not, whether you prepare spiritually or not, the hand of God will surely swig again to influence the results of the games in World cup 2010.