What Corporate Organizations Like You SPONSOR!

 Football 4 Life TV Reality Show, UP FOR GRABS!

Football 4 Life TV Reality Show is a blockbuster. It is “rumble in the jungle.”  It promises to keep viewers glued to their TV set as long as the program is aired.

Football 4 life is a TV reality show that will show case football players from the ghetto, militant areas, war ravaged areas, refuges camps. Wow! You have never seen anything like this before.

The show will touch your inner most heart. “Touched by an Angel.”  That’s what the experience will be like. You will cry, tears flowing in front of your TV set. You will laugh and fall down; you will leap for joy and shout out Wow!

The show is so unique and different from other Football TV reality shows. It will be the discussion. It will be the news. It will be in the voice of Nigerians all the days.

The Goal is to leverage the large follower-ship and brand positioning opportunities of football sports to improve human self worth and enterprise.

You could call it Societal Marketing concept or Business Social Responsibility; we call it Football 4 Life. The ultimate goal for us is to give life to the rather less privileged kids and save a crime ravaged society.

But for your corporate image, it is to create emotional appeal with your business communities and your target markets.

The Benefits are so real! The show is exactly what you need to connect the emotions of your target audience.

Imagine 30 million people watching the show for 1,260 minutes. It is MAXIMUM BRAND EXPOSURE!

We have discovered that there is a strong emotional appeal between the game of football and the people. If this show is associated with your brand, your brand will enjoy a strong public affection. It will increase your customers as well as their loyalty.

This is what you have been looking for, So what are you waiting for!

The manuscript and storyboard is available now. Grab it!

Patent right or sponsorship right is available. Price is negotiable.

But it is available to the right bidder … It is first come.

Hurry now and grab it! Don’t be like that corporate affair manager that would only be wishing his organization got the sponsorship right when the show has taken the air waves. I guarantee you; the show is a blockbuster.