Have you heard? The biggest football movement on earth!

Most probably, you are hearing for the first time or perhaps, you’ve heard before, but did not give any serious attention to it.
What promises to be the biggest football movement on earth has just started and you could be one of the early birds to arrive just in time to reap all the benefits.

May be, you have to be committed to it now and position yourself for the great harvest. First, it is a humanitarian gesture that could brighten the future of other people as well as yours.

Imagine a crime free society where everybody is wealthy, no diseases, no death.
 You may say that is utopia. But, have you ever thought of changing some societial ills or just helping someone find life; of the millions of human race dying from the struggles and sufferings of existence on planet earth. Have you ever thought of doing something about it, but could do nothing.

Now, Catch the Vision!

Do you know football catch the attention of the world than anyother event or sports? Have you ever thought of the great wealth that could be created and used to better our society through football opportunities.

It is called football 4 life!

The vision is to take football to the next level and use it as a tool to better the human race and society. Football 4 Life vigoriously pursue 3 points agenda.
1.       Organizing football for wealth in our various countries. We are already networking with the right resources that will improve both the organization and the administration of football in our various countries.

We hope to organize one conference for football administrators in Nigeria before the year end 2010.

2.       We are using football opportunities to kick out hunger, diseases , crime and other societial ills. We are already partnering with fans who believes in the course.

We hope to get attention of FIFA and some multi-nationals.

Our target is to have one million fans before the end of the year 2010.

3.       We plan to expose the less privileged one who has great football talent and help them start a professional football career. We are already networking with clubs, managers ,scouts and agents who will help us accomplish these task.

This is a big Vision! Initially, We thought it is going to be an African thing. We soon realized that the vision is bigger than africa. It is a world movement.

What you waiting. Join Football4Life Now. Click the facebook badge at top right and see all the fans. You too can join this laudable course.