Something to Shout About!

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Imagine, if we come together to say NO!
No to Racism! No to Crime! No to Disease!
Imagine it
We can make the world a better place.
For you and for me and for everyone else

Lets' come together on this new platform
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Football has a very loud voice.
If all football fans come together to shout
The sound-Impact will be so deafening.
We need a platform like Football4Life to express ourselves.
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Let me tell you, No one can ignore a mob.
If we run into several millions of fans, no one can ignore our ventures.
We could help young football players find a career.
We could alleviate poverty, In our own way.

We could say no to Mal-administration and corruption
of Some football officials. Yes, We can!
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It’s going to be MASSIVE!!!
It promise to be the largest(amount of people) football movement on earth.

So I'd like to invite you to be part of this great movement.
It’s gaining lots of grounds already.
So hurry now and

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