THE CARNIVAL OF CHANGE! Football4Life Joins Reachout Nigeria 2010 Campaign. You Too Can!

"Do not underestimate the word and the vision of Reach out Nigeria Campaign. A movement of BLW Ministry - the people who can get the best out of Nigeria." - Benson Chukwueke

We all see differently, and when most of our people look at Nigeria, they could only see our many troubles. So they often criticize and say there is nothing to celebrate after our 50 years of independence,

It is so easy to criticize and we talk about our corrupt leaders, the poor infrastructures, alarming unemployment rate and cynical economic crunch that has made life so unbearable in Nigeria. For fifty years we have criticized, but our criticisms has not brought about any change.

We have many groups agitating, calling for change; Civil right activists, human right activists, Labor, Students, Militants, Kidnappers, Armed robbers, Scammers, all acting for one reason, “we want a change!” Yet, none of the agitators has taken steps to be involved in the process of change.

Life is getting tougher everyday; our citizens are running out of the country en-masse to seek asylum anywhere abroad. Neither have the agitators nor the agitations changed anything.

When an agitator is given a government appointment he turn out to be more corrupt than those he had previously criticized.

We all know the problem. The problem is our leadership. It is a peoples’ problem. The way an individual Nigeria thinks and perceive of our nationhood need to be changed. What we need is the transformation of the Nigeria soul. A new way of thinking! A new way of living!

We don’t need another social critic or movers of riotous mob actions. What we need are men who can look ahead of time and see a golden Nigeria. Men who can see the vision and believe! These are the men who have the key to the golden future.

Football4Life has seen the vision. When made in Nigeria football shall put so much wealth in our hands; when food and shelter shall no longer be luxury for our people; when our kids can be free to play outside without fear of disease, Kidnappers or Armed robbers. We’ve looked ahead and we’ve seen that vision.
There’s something to celebrate! We’re not celebrating the past. We’re not looking back to move forward, we’re celebrating the new beginning. We’re celebrating our belief in the future of Nigeria.

We’re celebrating because God has given to us the solution. Football4Life is joined BLW Ministry in the carnival of Change! We believe only the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ has the power to change the human soul and save us from all our troubles. That’s what we’re celebrating!

We join to help in the sharing of the good news to our people. The message packaged in a book titled ‘Rhapsody of Realities.’ 50 Million Copies of the book will be shared from door to door in every nook and crannies of Nigeria. FREE!

You too can join all partners of Reach out Nigeria campaign as we celebrate our GOLDEN JUBILEE!

  • You can sponsor as many copies of the book as you can in any format and language.

  • Be part of the distribution exercise starting from September.

  • Join the reach out Nigeria 2010 carnival in your area on the 1st October in your unique carnival costume.

Spread the word, and change our way of thinking, then you have truly imparted the need change in Nigeria

For more information on how to participate, please visit the ReachOut Nigeria stand in any Christ Embassy Church near your area or call: +234-1-4488444, +234-1-462570-2, +2347030000927, +2347030000928/