With A Large Fan Base, We Can Push the Earth to The Right!

SO WHAT ABOUT US? You may likely to have experience it yourself or you may have seen or heard it in the news – Violent crimes, abuses, epidemics that has largely degraded our human society. Perhaps at one point, you may have wished you could change the tides, but felt so helpless.

As the earth continues to go wrong, we’re looking at the critical importance of football entertainment, the enormous attention it draws and its ability to help push the earth to the right. We’re looking at taking advantage of the power of football.

It makes sense to start something to heal our world and to make the earth a better place for us all or what do you think?

That’s exactly what Football4Life is set out to do. We’re improving self worth of the individual human person and society through football opportunities. We’re giving life back to the dead, hope to the hopeless and we’re exchanging football virtues and opportunities for crimes and abuses in our society.

We understand that every human troubles and conflicts in life can be traced to the neglect, violation or misapplication of good character qualities. A man without a good sense of living may hit back at society. That’s why we have militants, rebels, armed robbers, murders, and kidnappers, those that are psychologically derailed. They’re dangerous species to our society.

We believe that inspiring an individual person with some inward motivations to do right and to uphold the highest character qualities will directly translate to a healthy and beautiful society.

It is only the gospel of Jesus Christ that contains such inspiring words that can transform any human person. We truly require the power of God to be able to achieve genuine love and all its’ related qualities. This is the essence of life. To give a human person eternal life that will enable him function with the ability of God.

This is our true purpose and we’ll bring it to bear in every of our programs – As we direct young football players to jump start and build their football career; as we entertain our numerous fans; as we publicize health preventions and solutions and as we move for a change in our society. We’ll give each individual person in our reach an opportunity to receive this life.

CAN WE ACHIEVE ALL THIS? Well, ideas like this starts like some little ignorable light far off the sky. We’re surely growing and should become as large as the sun soon. We’re looking at having the largest football network on earth and we’ll do it.

We’re continually search out and building relationships with some resource persons, organizations, and fans that believes in our vision and are ready to collaborate with us. We’re hoping to build a real sense of responsibility among football4Life community.

We need them so dearly to succeed, because Football4Life relies heavily on sponsorship both for funding its programs and for publicity. There contributions are so vital to our success.

Together we shall impact the football world and bring the beauty of God to them as we establish HIS will on earth.

Benson Chukwueke

Football4Life Administrator