Congratulations! If you're a Professional Football Player already or If you're Dreaming to be one

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There’re four vital things we’ll do for you as a player. We’ll help you open doors of opportunities. Doors you may not be able to open by yourself or by most organizations around – that’s the advantage you’ll enjoy from us. We’ll carefully manage your career.

We’ll guide you through your career
In making your personal decisions to pursue a professional football career as a player, you need to become aware of the successes as well as the pitfalls.

Football career as a player is both glamorous as well as hazardous. The risks are high, the stakes are so much and the road to a successful career is so slippery. You need someone to guide you. Someone who knows the way; who can take you by the hand and help you by pass some of the hidden pitfalls.

Evidently, there are lots of traps on the road to every success even in football playing career. We’ll be there to inform you, advise you, represent you where possible or get our affiliates to help you out as the case may be.

We’ll connect you to the right people and the right clubs
You may never be able to take your football to the next level without the right people. You may just end up playing street football even though you may have all the talent. Ifootball4life will connect you to the right professionals such as scouts and licensed agents around the world that will take you and give you opportunity to play for top clubs around the world. We’ll ensure you make the best moves for your career at any point in time.

We’re connected to lots of professionals in the industry and lots of opportunities are always there for us to transfer a player from one club to another.

We’ll promote you and bring you to Media spotlight
Media is a vital tool for promoting a player and making his career to shine. We’re connected to media practitioners that will always hype your good performances in most of our major sports media – We’ll spotlight your outstanding performances as well as try to clean up your mistakes and weakness (Image clean up) .

We’ll go beyond just showcasing your performances to connecting you for top endorsements (Association) with world class brands.

We’ll help you invest in your future
Most football players are trapped in financial pitfalls when they begin to earn dollars. They quickly begin to buy liabilities and squander their earnings in unnecessary show-off. The result is, they as quick return back to poverty after a fledging football career as a player.

You may not have all the necessary financial education or experience to handle such huge amount of money that will suddenly come into your hands.

We’ll allow you to concentrate on your playing career, but provide you with the necessary information and advise to rightly invest your earnings. Our aim is to ensure you have an enduring prosperity that will become a legacy for your children’s children.

You’ll enjoy all these benefits simply by signing up with ifootball4life. First, your decision to sign up reveals a personal interest to jump start and be successful in your career as a football player. It also reveals that you are ready to take up the opportunity to ride on your dreams. You should take your chance now!
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