How we Lost a Great Football Star Chychy Ameobi to Gangsters in Ajegunle. It’ll make you Cry!

You can never tell how many great football players we have lost, but I can tell you how we lost Chychy Ameobi to gangsters. God have mercy! Chychy was a maverick of a player. You need to see him play.

We all knew him in Ajegunle, a ghetto town in Lagos Nigeria. As young as he was, Chychy was so popular with his football playing wonder. People came from afar-off to see him play and this boy could do just about anything with the ball; even things you couldn’t imagine possible.It’s so difficult to compare him with any of the great players we know today. Chychy’s creativity with the ball could make Lionel Messi’s game look like a child’s play.It’s not an exaggeration. Spectators gather the Maracana field in Tolu schools complex just to see him train.

Everyone want to identify with him, even the Ajegunle street gangsters “The Tigers” who usually come around the schools complex to smoke India hemp cluster around him to seemingly protect him and in fact, lure him to join the gang.

The irony of Chychy’s life is, he was the toast of the town; people hailed him on the street, but at home he was usually down cast. He was the first child among seven children and his parents doesn’t really have a job. The father was a road side cobbler and the mother a house wife. There’s most time no food at home. The pressure were so much on his parents that they needed him to bring in some income to help support the younger ones and Chychy was just 15years old.

Chychy would go for football training without food and when he comes back home, he would even find his younger ones so hungry. So he resorted in asking members of the gang for money to feed on and as well support his parents.

Gradually, Chychy stop going for football trainings and joined the gang to hustle on the street. He also began to smoke India hemp and pick pocket on busy bus parks. However, anytime he found his way back to the field of play, you could still see all the sparks and shines of his wonderful talent – where on earth were all the scouts to come and discover this football god.

On this dark evening, he met his Waterloo while he was playing for one of the grassroots club at Maracana field. We were all there enjoying his outstanding performance, when we heard several gun shots. People began to run hectare scatter to take cover for their lives. Right there at center of the field, Chychy lay lifeless on the pool of his blood. He’s DEAD! Struck by another gang “The Ade Boys” – a well known notorious gang in the area.

This is Story of Chychy Ameobi. How we lost a great football gem to gangsterism. The question is, how many more of this kind of talent are we loosing already to hunger, child abuse and crime. Are we going to just fold our hands and watch them die like that? The right answer is to say, what can I do to help remedy the situation for them.

It’s not easy to be a hungry child in Africa, if your parents’ crop fail or if your parents cannot find work; there are no food stamp…no free government provided cafeteria lunches. And in a bid to survive, millions of hungry young football players in Ajegunle and in fact, most African ghettos abandon their God given talent for crime.

We’ve to save them! They’ll be depending on ifootbal4life to discover them in the down town, Package them and take them to the transfer market in Europe by June. Your gift and sponsorship will enable ifootball4life fulfill their promise to these young lads. To help them put food on their table and to reduce crime in our world.

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