With Just A Bio-Video Clip You can instantly Sign Millions of Dollar Contract with Top Football Clubs in Europe

It’s much easier today for talented football players to sign for a club abroad. Technology has made it so. You’ll be so surprised how easy it has become after you’ve read through this post.

You don’t need to wait any longer for some scout or Agent to come to pick you up from your remote town. The question is how will they even get to know that you’re there. What is the possibility of a scout coming in contact with you or seeing you play in your village? The probability is so slim. You must be determined to come out of your shell.

It’s time to advertise yourself and your football skills

If you’re still wishing that one day some scout or club will come and pick you up, you’ll be wishing for so long. If you remain in that ghetto or village and do nothing, you’ll surely remain there until you become frustrated and perhaps get old.

You should do something today to create awareness that your playing skills are good enough to play for Barcelona. Show yourself and your skills for scouts and managers to see and believe that you can fit into their team. Bio-Video Clips is what you need!

Bio-Video Clips promote your Personal brand of football skills and help you get the necessary attention of Scouts and Club managers. It’s advertising your playing skills by demonstrating the best of you in a Video Format online.


How to Make A Bio-Video Clips that Sells

Bio-Video clips show in action everything good about your playing skills. It is a full assessment of your performances in a DVD format. If you have speed, show it. If you have shooting skills, show it... Bio-Video clips, involves both your training session and real match games you’ve played. It also displays your previous clubs.

Now, Bio-Video Clips is not your full match videos that last for 90minutes. A bio-Video is about the best of your playing performances put together in a video format that lasts for 30minutes. It could even be for 15minutes if you don’t have enough good actions to show. It must be action packed and so attractive that it could catch the attention of scouts and managers.

Bio-Video clips is not just any video, it is a marketing tool that demonstrates your playing skills with an intention to sell you to potential clubs. You should show what makes your game so unique and the quality of your skills. So, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Remember that your Bio-Video clips will be competing with the video clips of other players all over the world. It is a Multi-media document so; it requires experts to handle it.

Make sure the picture contents are clear enough so that you can easily be identified in the video. Avoid the temptation to create film tricks or effects that could be counter productive. Just, get together your entire match and training videos, then get experienced player or coach to sit with you and the multi-media expert to edit the videos and get out only actions where you performed credibly well. Try to let your crew help you rate all your performances.

Arrange your Video performances in descending order. The best ones first.  Then use the others to support. You’re showcasing the benefits a club will derive if they have you in their team. Remember to use your training session video to showcase others skills that were not so pronounced in your match videos. Put them at the ending part of the Video Clips.


How to make your Bio-Video Clips available to Scouts and Managers Online

When you are through with the production and you’re sure you have a good Bio-video, then you can plan out strategies to send them to scouts and managers of your desired clubs.


First, save your video in a Video file in your PC.  Then, create an online link via Video access document at www.google.com or create a channel at www.youtube.com. By creating an online link, your Bio-Video clips could be accessed anywhere in the world via Internet.

You can get contacts of scouts and managers from Clubs’ Websites. You can get agents contact via www.fifa.com. Search for the right clubs contact and send your Bio-Video Clips to as much clubs that you desire to play for.

Now, stop wishing away your time. Invest all your resources and energy to package yourself so well. Create a hot Bio-Video clips that can get attention of any scout on earth. Bio-Video clips is what scouts require to get you an instant tryout with top clubs in Europe, America, or Asia.

Greenhunters can help you produce a hot Bio-Video clips that sells like wild Fire

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