Kaka’s Success Secret! How You Can Win Loyal Soccer Fans by Your Association with Jesus Christ.

 Even if you’re not a fan of Kaka, you’ve heard of his declaration I BELONG TO JESUS! Well, if you don’t know, such declaration and association with the name JESUS has added value and lots of respect to his personality; at least to Christians all over. Even non-Christians, who may hate his guts, secretly admire his boldness.

Kaka the Brazilian international football star has not failed to use every occasion at his disposal to declare his association with Jesus. When he plays in a match he usually wear an inner vest that is inscribed “I belong to Jesus.” So when he scores a goal he raise his jersey up to display the inscription for all to see. During his speech when he won the FIFA World Player of the year 2004, he publicly declared his faith in the lordship of Jesus.

 This declaration has turned out to be his brand essence. Many souvenirs branded as Kaka t-shirts, Caps, Boots, and Shin guards…are inscribed with the phrase “I belong to Jesus.” It’s a declaration that has bought to him many loyal fans across the world.

 I’ve never seen such loyalty before, for a whole congregation of Christ Church to declare a praying session for Kaka - that his career be long to continually declare the name of Jesus to the football world. I also find myself praying for him like wise.

I’ve been in a Christian seminar where the preacher extensively talked about Kaka as an example of a vessel of honor. The preacher said the Bible book of Acts was not concluded. The acts of apostles even in our days are still being recorded - that Kaka can be described as the apostle of Jesus Christ to the football world. Kaka is our modern day Daniel. Even though he’s no longer the world best football player, he still enjoys lots of accolade because of his association with Jesus.

Brand managers and advertisers understand what brand equity and association could do for a product. This is why they endorse celebrities so their fans could easily have emotional appeal with their products.

Although, Coca-Cola is rated as the number one brand on earth, Jesus Christ is the greatest personal brand, the most recognized name on earth. Famous than Adolph’s Hitler or Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm, Pele… Your close association with the name JESUS quickly draws the world’s attention to you.

There are millions of people who love football and you can easily get their attention as a football player. What is your message to them? They want to know more about you. They want to know what you believe and what powers your great football skills. What are you going to tell them? What are your personal testimonies to your fans? Can you inspire them with your inspirations that Jesus is the Christ? They’ll listen to you more, because they want to associate with your success. They want to be like you.

See, when that pressman comes to you to grant him interview, it’s a great opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus. When you interact with your fellow players in camp, it’s an opportunity to preach the gospel. When you’re to speak in an occasion such as when you win award or when you’re honored, it’s an opportunity to declare the message of the gospel and share your testimonies to the glory of God.

As a Christian football player, you must understand your ministry to the football world. God is interested in the football world! He has brought you to limelight so you can declare his message of salvation to them. I wish you’d understand this. You’re the light of the world. God has placed you like a city upon a hill you cannot hide. You cannot afford to keep quite. You cannot afford not to speak for Jesus! Necessity is laid upon you to witness for him. So let your light so shine that all may see the glory of God in you.

It takes lots of boldness to declare the gospel to the football world. The football authority may forbid you to publicly declare Jesus while in contract with them. Don’t ever submit yourself to human authority and compromise your mission for God. You must be strong and confident that every persecution will work out for your good. This is your time! You’re the one on the spotlight today; you cannot afford to fail God.

Ifootball4Life believes in the lordship of Jesus Christ! We recommend that you declare him lord over your life and career as a football player. This will makes it possible for you to receive the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you’ll receive power to do the supernatural.

Ifootball4life will be publishing Christian tracks designed specifically for the football world. They’ll also be organizing career seminars for football players and fans with the aim to reach the football world for Christ. You’re invited to join the crusade.