Female Football Horror! The Story Coach Ibe couldn’t tell…

Two years ago, just after the burial of late Coach Ibe Ugwu, I stumbled upon his diary at the garbage dump. A little mystic writing, I should say. Perhaps, he was planning to write a book or a chronicle of his experience with female football players - a story he didn’t tell, which could have changed the cause of female football.

I’ve read about J K Rowling , a divorced lady that had nearly become a destitute mom with a young son to feed. But she had a story to tell that had changed the cause of destiny. She took a chance and wrote the story down. Today, J K Rowling is a millionaire with her book “Harry Porter and the Sorcerer’s stone.” But Coach Ibe couldn’t publish his own story before the cold hand of death took him away.

When I showed the diary to some of my colleagues, they marveled at his insight and poetic descriptions of changing circumstances of female football players. It’s as if he was writing in coded language. He wrote about the transformation of these players as they chase the stars. He said they start by “Seducing the stars” and “Transform into Monsters, then, they “Become Dogs” and “Begin to hunt the Gold-diggers.”  I didn’t understand his terms at first and I guess you would not as you are reading now. But, he was revealing something so pathetic about the ordeals of the female football players’ as they make progress in their career. He classified their chase of stardom into four stages.

Four Stages of transformation - as Female football Players Chase Stardom

1. Seducing the Stars:

Coach Ibe sighted that most female football players come into the camp with all their feminine curves and beauty believing they could seduce both the coaching crew and team managers. They believe they can use their sexual power to get the coach to select them. So they offer sex to the coach and other influential persons in the club.

However, they get frustrated when they discover that despite the sexual promiscuity, they couldn’t find a place in the team. This forces the ladies to get down to work, training so hard because of their competitive nature, they would want to make the team by any means. This pulls them to the second stage of their chase.

2. Transformed into a Monster:

The hard training and the combatant nature of the game transform both their physical nature and character. All the feminine curves – the breast, hips, and robust looks – are disfigured. The ladies begin to look more like male players with muscles, aggressive looks that make them unattractive. Secondly, the ladies characters are affected. They speak and act like worriors and loss all their feminine expressions that throw men off balance. Coach Ibe said the female players become monsters in looks and character.

Two things happen to the players at this stage. Due to the requirements of the training, they’re forced to abstain from any form of sexual intercourse.  So they grow sex starved. Moreover, the male counterparts do not see them as ladies any longer and therefore, do not make pass at them. THEY’VE TRANSFORMED INTO “TOM BOYS”

3. Become Dogs:

At the third stage of transformation, the female football players develop low self-esteem. They’re more willing to jump into any man’s bed that accepts them as ladies. So they start illicit sex, forcing men to sleep with them. And due to their training, they’ve developed horsepower. Coach Ibe wrote, “… no one man can satisfy the ladies at this stage. They can go all the way.”

The next category of female players that couldn’t get enough from the guys enters into lesbianism. And begin to protect their relationship by making unreasonable demand on the coaching crew. For instance, a good player will want to force the coach to play her partner or she wouldn’t give her best. These attitudes begin to affect the team cohesiveness. And if the coach is involved, it will count against his reputation to absolutely control the team.

4. Hunting the Gold Diggers:

At the fourth stage when the Female football players had attained stardom, they would want a more stable relationship as to settle down in marriage. But the low esteem, which they’ve developed over the years, begins to hurt them. Then, the desperate ones among them will begin to use the money they’ve acquired to woo men.

At the end, many of the players fall prey to gold diggers, which leads to many broken relationships as well as many broken hearts.

Coach Ibe’s Recommendations

It’s difficult to understand Coach Ibe’s conclusions. At first, I thought he was criticizing female football players, which he had coached most of his career. But as I read in between the lines, I found out that he was being pathetic of how things turn out for these ladies - their lives full of pains and frustrations - after attaining stardom.

He wrote, “Its wrong to train female football players with male training regiments. Their nature is peculiar. We should come up with female regiments that ensure they keep their femininity.” He continued, “…these players have life after football playing career. We don’t want their breasts and feminine curve to just disappear like that – their sexuality for Christ sake!”

The female football players shouldn’t wear male jersey. We must fashion female football wears that make them look sexy and attractive. For instance, the short should be tight fitted with compartment that could take care of their mensal period.

For the female players, they must learn to uphold their feminine culture. They must be disciplined enough to be morally upright. No matter the career toughness, they can’t be men. They’ll always enjoy the pampering. They’ll always enjoy when men look at them and whistle or make pass at them. That is feminine nature and if they loss that, they feel they’ve lost their lives.

Perhaps, every female football club should have psychologist and inspirational speakers that will inspire the players to keep their femininity or what do you think?