HOT MOBILE PHONE and Six Profitable Ways It Can Say Hello to Football fans

Since Mobile Phone is in everyone’s hand, what will you do with your own?

For one, producers of handsets knows if they must stay in business, they must make Mobile phones “a matter of fashion.” Evolving through technological innovations and modern lifestyle – from satellite phones, PDA, Smart phones to blackberry…they must produce hot mobile phones, so customers could return again and again to buy the latest series.

But my “old school” father wouldn’t change his handset, a 3310 Nokia. He said, “I only use it to receive calls and read my SMS messages, I don’t go into other complex devices…” Truly, he doesn’t call anyone. When I touched his handset, it was so cold. No one has called him for days. In fact, when I looked at the call log, I found out I was the last person that called him a week ago.

And it was the day we had a blackout. Power Holding PLC took the light as usual in Nigeria and we hadn’t any fuel to run the generator. So, I had to quickly run down to a viewing center near by to see the match: Nigeria Vs Argentina. My father is a football fan, but he couldn’t come with me to the viewing center, so I had to call him to update him anytime a goal is scored. He would then ask me who scored the goal and I would tell him. I also sent text messages to some of my friends that were still at work during the match, to give them updates too. My mobile phone was hot that night and I enjoyed all the fun.

Come to think of it, I’ve just rendered service to my father and friends, but there are so many football fans out there that are in dear need of such services. I could do it for cool cash. I could actually make my mobile phone real hot in my bank account. Moreover, there are football news and other football fun the fans may want to enjoy too. I can sell all these to them at the right price. What I’m saying is this, with your mobile phone device you can deliver quick hot services at a huge profit. As Sola Adepoju of puts it, “say hello to football fans and rake in lots of Cash.”

Six Mobile Phone Services You Can Render to Football Fans

1. Weekly Match Fixtures and Real Time Match Scores:
You could use any of the devices in your mobile phone such as SMS, Chat, Voicemail to start sending weekly match fixtures and real time match scores to football fans that subscribed to your services.

You should know your market and what league or championship they are interested in. For instance in Nigeria, most fans are more interested in English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La’Liga, Italian Seria’A and perhaps, a few may be interested in Nigeria Premier League too.

You have to find sources of getting these information ‘just in time’ (JIT) to send to your subscriber for a fee.

2. Real Time Match Video Replay:

You could use MMS or 2r. Bluetooth devices in your mobile phone to send real time match video replay of goals scored and some important moments in the match.

You could subscribe to websites that stream live matches and can transfer video to mobile devices. You should also source for those that could offer you platform to be able to send MMS/ Bluetooth to your subscribers. Try or or to subscribe for the code or HTML/JavaScript embedment.

3. Football Musical Caller/Ring tones:

You could purchase a short code or TTS devices from any mobile network providers around you. And you could use any of the devices to send football musical caller/ ring tones to your target football fans.

What you need to do is to build football fan list or buy the list from some marketing research websites on the Internet such as or I also think you can purchase from some mobile network companies too.

4. Football Business News:
Lots of football fans are interested in the transfer market news. They want to know how players and coaches are traded from one club to another. They are also interested in sponsorship and endorsement deals as well as clubs’ stock report in the capital market.

You could use your mobile phone SMS device to send them updates on transfer market reports, sponsorship news reports as well as clubs’ financial reports. You could subscribe for such news from or or and forward it to your own subscribers for a huge profit.

5. Football Hot News:
Football fans enjoy being the first to know about some important news in the football circle. You could send such hot news for a fee. Some newspapers in Nigeria such as This Day mobile or The Nation instant messages provide such services on general hot news. But you can specialize on football news such as awards, new rules and innovations, scandals, marriages and events etc

To get updates on hot football news, subscribe to or or etc and connect to their mobile phone devices. This will enable you to receive hot news on the go, at real time. You can then forward them to your own subscribers for a huge profit.

6. Football Inspirational Quotes and Jokes:
Words spoken by great football icons expressing their beliefs and inspirations becomes a notable quotes to football fans, who want to be inspired by their inspirations. You could often hear fans quoting players or managers. Fans also enjoy jokes and funs made out of football occasions and do usually refer to them too.

You could search to get websites that provide such services and you could subscribe to them. With your mobile phone SMS device you could send them daily or weekly inspirational quotes or jokes to inspire them and cause them to laugh. You could make lots of money providing these services to football fans.

Well, if you’re seeking for a fun way to get rich, then get hot with your mobile phone and start a football service business. The good thing is, you could combine some or all of the six services highlighted above. However, make sure you do an in-depth research on mobile phone possibilities and innovations that can move you ahead quickly.