The little Football Angel: Touching lives, Fulfilling Dreams in Africa.

It’s true. we’ve found a little football Angel called Charity. With her new found vocation, Charity is now giving the challenged families in Africa a reason to smile again. This is not a myth. It’s not the story of Cinderella …We’re truly “TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL!”

If you read magazines such as Times or you watch television BBC Africa or CNN you already know about the condition of Children living in the inner city. Most of them are children that have never felt a mother’s cuddle or known a father’s hug before; but somehow, they have watched football somewhere around the street where they destitute… They love the sport. It has given some of them a flicker of hope that someday they will be like Nwankwo Kanu or George Obong Weah or perhaps Samuel E’to.

Now, imagine whatwill happen to such children’s emotions by just a visit of Kanu to the inner city camp in Lagos Nigeria. Just a handshake or a cuddle may just be enough to bring smile to their faces and rekindle their hopes again.

The children are not alone. Over 50 million Nigerians so passionately love the sport too. During a typical football match in Nigeria every barrier is broken between the rich and poor, religion and tribal dichotomies are broken down. People can all come together to cheer irrespective of the divide, especially when the national teams is playing. Football is a very powerful tool that gets the world’s attention. Over 60 billion people watched the 2010 world Cup in South Africa. Wow! That’s a large population.

As you read this, I think you’ll begin to understand why football4life has decided to use football platform to touch lives, fulfill dreams and to excite the world. And for over a decade study they have conceived the idea that football is the best platform to preach the gospel of Christ and humanitarian philantrophy. In the passion of a football game, a rich fellow could freely give a token to the poor guy beside him without necessarily rationalizing his actions. That’s what football4life want to take advantage of. To make the world a better place for us all.

The idea has given birth to Charity – a little football angel. Charity will be supporting causes like Kanu Heart Foundation, BLW inner city mission or 1goal project in Africa. Charity’s mission is large, to use football opportunities to reduce crime, drug additions, eradicate diseases and create opportunities for African children through football education and career.

Charity will be mobilizing football fans and players to support her cause to better the earth. Don’t be surprise or disgruntled by the time you are seeing the next game, Charity may be passing the offering bag to you. Please do all you can! Put in the cash that jingles.

Just $1 from 60 billion football fans will give us $60 billion dollars. Such amount could change lots of lives in the inner city or perhaps, NGN100 from 50 million Nigerian football fans …With each drop of water we can create an ocean of wealth.

Well if your first reaction is, “who cares about making the earth a better place” like what a football fan Moses Abi told me 3years ago. Just from 2008 till date, arm robbers have attacked him three times in Delta State and has afflicted him with a spinal cord injury when they threw him off the staircase. And his only son has a hole in his heart. The operation will cause $4 million dollars and now he needs the help of Kanu foundation (KHF). Now, who’s gonna donate to him and his son? – What an irony!

Who knows, your child may just be the next drug addict or perhaps kidnapped by some miscreants if we don’t do something today to free the earth or at least reduce the incident to a bearable minimum. All you maybe required to do, sometimes, is to buy a raffle ticket for a parting sum of $1. Again, this gives you the opportunity to win something big for your kind gesture.

Perhaps, you may be wondering what $1 dollar can buy. It may not be able to buy you a snack or a cup of coffee as an individual, but if 60 billion fans pool together $1 each, it becomes a very substantial amount that can change the cause of many lives in Africa.

If you have any objection on how the funds will be properly distributed, then you don’t have to worry any longer. A link will be created in our blog, where ticket numbers of everyone that donated will be displayed and monies realized. Before you donate, you will be informed what the money will be used for and how what is realized will be distributed.

I thing it make sense to heal the earth of it’s various handicaps. Be part of the laudable cause. Charity will be very creative with the way she will go about her ministry, please support the little football Angel whenever she comes cross your path.


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